Republicans react to major election losses

Republicans are reacting to their continuing trend of election losses that continued Tuesday.

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Republicans react to major election losses

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  1. 4
    Jeanne 54

    🌞 The Republican Party is completely untrustworthy. They are liars, cheaters & dishonest thieves who illegally grab at anything that benefits themselves!

  2. 6
    Big Mike

    Gop: we made it so the people decide.
    People decide for abortion.
    Gop: democracy doesn't work, so lets ignore what the people want. 😂😂😂

  3. 11
    Herbert Hackett

    If, a woman has an abortion whoever agrees or disagrees if that is her choice that is between her and GOD, and it is really nobody else business case closed!

  4. 18
    Rockpaper Pencil

    Those that vote tRump don't realize that they aren't voting for their beloved tRump, but for those that pay tRump to run. tRump will do the bidding of those that PAID for him, not those that voted for him. He doesn't care one penny what the voters want. That's why he voted in tax cuts for only the richest…they are buddys. Those that vote for tRUmp are voting for the rail magnates, the bank owners, the oil magnates. Don't believe me? Do a search on "biggest donors to tRump"
    …Republicans that vote Republican thinking it is the same party it was as their parents party, are mistaken. Republicans that vote Republican are now only TOOLS, being used by the Republican in name only, not to uphold the wishes of the people, those who voted them in,,,but to satisfy their own religious/prejudice/monetary ideas. Why else would tRumplicans try to change the vote? Why else would they keep putting the same measures on the ballot that you already voted for?…because they didn't get their way, they got your way. They don't want your way.

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