Top Dem slams GOP as ‘pro-Putin Party’ as ‘Russian nuclear-powered space asset’ threat looms

A Russian nuclear-powered space asset that could be weaponized is the unspecified threat that set off speculation after House Intel Chair Mike Turner released a cryptic statement warning of a “serious national security threat” without any more detail, NBC News has learned. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joins Joy Reid with more.
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  1. 4

    Democrats have no domestic policy, so they warmonger and sluice our taxes to Raytheon. Everyone in the Uniparty is a winner!

  2. 5

    My parents were lifelong Republicans and although they hadn't voted Republican for President since R.R., they still voted Republican down ballot (almost exclusively), with the Election of Trump in 2016 and the Republicans falling into line, they left the Party. My Dad became an Independent and my Step-mother becane a Democrat.
    But then they are both intelligent people. There isn't anything about the Republican Party that is "Republican" anymore. They are weak, cowardly imbeciles and don't know how to tell the truth about anything. And, like Trump, they don't believe the Law applies to them.

  3. 8

    No NATO COUNTRY HAS EVER BEEN INVADED BY Russia ? The United States IS NOT AT WAR WITH ANYONE ? What the Left Really Needs is Constant Federal Deficits to pay off their Patronage Promises ? They have us 34 Trillion Dollars in Hock with plans to Never Stop ? Ukraine falling leading to Domino Effects Reminds me of How Vietnam was Rationalized – TO THE COST OF 50000 Dead Americans ( mostly drafted ) ?65 years later and No Dominoes Fell ? Try to go to a Draft Now ? 🤭

  4. 9

    We heard this Narrative Before – RUSSIA – Russia – Russia ? Why should we believe the leftist Media Now ? Their “ Projection Runneth Over “ ? Trump set up the Space Force in response to this Old News ? When are You Folks going to Try to Start Up the Draft Again ? Just smoke trying to cover for demented Joes Worldwide Blundering ? 🤔

  5. 13

    How did the republicans morph from anti-russian sentiment to pro? Easy answer, it was all B.S. from the beginning. They just go where the money is. If Russia pays the bills, they are pro-russian, if the Military Industrial Complex pays the bills, they are anti-russian. The corporations better step up their game, they look like incompetent fools.

  6. 19

    All I know is it's gotta be a" threat to democracy " …. you're a threat to democracy, I'm a threat to democracy, wouldn't you like to be a threat to democracy too!! 😂😂

  7. 25

    It makes me sick to my stomach to hear all those 'alleged' Americans cheering at Trump's words every time I see any Trump clip. Usually the clip is showing the most un-American statements you can possibly make. They need to move to Russia and get a real taste of Putin instead of romanticising dictatorship

  8. 26

    Swallowell?, another non native congressperson supports the money laundering illegal immigrant loving president. Dems and reps are too corrupt to run honest candidates and impeach a corrupt president!

  9. 29

    Thanks MSNBC news
    It looked like carlson didn't even get the sly insult putin gave him about Not being able to get into the CIA. I need to record that remark on a continuous loop and play back.

  10. 30

    And yet democrats seem to be the ones cheering on Genocide in Gaza and NATO imperialism which made Russia invade Ukraine in the first place. Hypocrites

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