‘Cruel’: Military analyst offers scathing review of GOP lawmaker’s actions

Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling discusses Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) hold on military promotions over his protest of the Pentagon’s abortion policy. Then, Lt. Hertling reacts to the Israel Defense Force’s claims that it has completed the encirclement of Gaza City. #CNN #News

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  1. 1

    Tommy Teletubby is a cartoon of a crooked politician with a cartoon name that will destroy our military readiness just to get votes. Never vote red, they're all traitors.

  2. 2

    I hate that he Smiles and Laughs as he Objects as a 25 Year army vet I Take Extreme offense to this Man he should be expelled I am Glad I am Not from Alabama if i was i would Relocate

  3. 5

    Our county is being forced to be hostage by these stupid idiots that never serve and never would. Never have they kids to serve. In any strong country the ppl server. GOP IS HURTING OUR MILITARY AND GOP ARE THE CAUSE OF OUR DEMISE

  4. 14

    It’s too bad general officers are schooled in “political correctness” because it has made them gutless like the legislators they politely disparage

  5. 16

    It's not about abortion, methinks. Just as Moscow Mitch held back on Supreme Court justices for those loyal to Trump, this may be about doing the same for getting far-right officers who will do as Trump commands if Trump gets back in, by hook or by crook.

  6. 17

    This should be a crime against our Nation
    He has never served our Country and he isn’t serving our People
    We need to have him removed
    I can’t believe anyone is supporting this man

  7. 18

    Tommy should be checked
    He is a complete idiot
    I have family who are and have been serving our Country for years
    We don’t even know where one of them is right now
    We know that they were not allowed to say anything to us about it
    My older brother was in the Air Force for over twenty years he is retired now
    I can’t even imagine putting families through this that are serving our Country and our Families

  8. 20

    Gen Milley, Fmr General L. Austin, Fmr Admiral and mouth piece John Kirby and the many many TV talking head top brass takes the shine off senior military officials.

  9. 30

    Republican senators have angrily challenged Sen. Tommy Tuberville on his blockade of almost 400 military officers. They took over the Senate floor for hours on Wednesday evening to call for individual confirmation votes after a monthslong stalemate. Tuberville stood and objected over and over again, extending his holds on the military confirmations and promotions with no immediate resolution in sight. But the extraordinary confrontation between Republicans escalated the standoff as Defense Department officials have repeatedly said the backlog of officials awaiting confirmation could endanger national security. Tuberville said Wednesday that there is “zero chance” he will drop the holds.

  10. 34

    You're only destroying your own party and voters are sick of it. Stop allowing campaign funding from religious institutions that promote hate and oppression to other religious and non religious people!. Its our lives your affecting and (we the people have become aware of it). Fraud nonprofits in the name of Jesus when Jesus told you people to pay your taxes and give to Cesar what is Cesars!!!!. Don't know Jesus, so stop speaking in his name!

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