‘The willful ignorance’ of Trump’s GOP: Pro-democracy advocates fear ex-president’s return

Editor-at-Large for The Bulwark Charlie Sykes and former Chief of Staff at the Department of Homeland Security Miles Taylor join Nicolle Wallace to discuss Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s slide toward autocratic norms and away from democratic norms, amid new attacks on the media  and others from the ex-president. 

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  1. 4
    F L

    Millions upon Millions upon Millions of TRUE Patriotic American Citizens DO NOT care what Trump-haters think. We know FULL WELL that our Democracy is being undermined by the Horrible Third-World/Soviet-styled politics of the Corrupt Democrats.

    President Trump's return to the White House WILL mark the beginning of the end to the Disgusting Liberal Political ROT that has Seriously-infected our Federal Justice system. Garland – FIRED, Wray – FIRED and other Corrupt Liberal unelected bureaucrats FIRED as well.

    We the Good People of America and the World want President Trump to Restore and Repair the Despicable Damage to America caused by Crooked, Corrupt, Incompetent and Criminal Joe "The Big Guy" Biden and his team of Radical Liberal Handlers. Enough is enough! 😡😡😡😡😡

    GOD Bless and Save America! ✝✝✝

  2. 7
    Don Wick

    T.R.U.M.P 2024! Black 4 TRUMP!
    Malcom x "“The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man. ….."

  3. 8

    Keep speaking truth to power,President Biden! I'm ridin' with Biden/Harris in 2024! Vote Blue like the future of our country depends on it,bc it does.

  4. 10
    Ron Peterson

    Wow, what a bunch of crap! Look at what these Democrats have done to the country. Lawlessness, riots, a insane illegal immigrant policy and putting these illegal immigrant's first instead of US citizens trying to make ends meet, using the media to squash free speech, trying to take guns from US citizens, allowing schools to indoctrinate our children, sending money and weapons to the Ukraine which is a proven corrupt government (I still don't why), spending money like crazy causing inflation hurting the average American……..and so on……
    And everyone can clearly see all this? And they have the nerve to say Trump will destroy democracy?? We are not even a democracy, we are a Constitutional republic (don't know what that is….look it up) Totally Unbelievable!!

  5. 11

    The GOP has impaled itself on the horns of an entirely insane dilemma:

    1.They want to dIssolve Government which is a euphemism for ANARCHY.
    2. They want to jail more people but don't want prisons near them and don't want to pay the taxes that are needed to build and run more prisons.

    3. They want to dismantle the Federal Government but also want a Dictator for Life whose word is law.

    4. If the GOP succeed in destroying Democracy, dissolving the Federal Government and suspending the Constitution, their jobs will cease to exist.

    5. Is this really what the majority of GOP voters want? They want ANARCHY (the removal of all laws) and Christo-FASCIST DICTATORSHIP in which EVRRYONE LOSES ALL RIGHTS and submits to the Will of the Dictator – even when obeying would ruin your life?

    Is this really what the GOP voters want? A life with no Rights (No freedom of Speech, no freedom of thought, no ability to travel across State lines without written permission, no right to move to a different part of the U.S., no right to change jobs, etc.

    Anarchy (the absence of Government ) cannot co-exist with Fascism (law is whatever the Dictator says it is).

    Mutually contradictory objectives make human life impossible.
    This is the Extreme Right Wing objective. It is the product of WILLFUL IGNORANCE, the rejection of reason, logic, common sense and practicality.

    Ignorance leeds to chaos. Chaos leades to destruction. Destruction leads to death and disaster.

    Sorry, GOP. That is not good enough. Not for America. Not for freedom-loving Americans. It is only good enough for the ignorant, unthinking, malicious idiocracy led by Donald Trump. MAGA MUST BE STOPPED. FASCISM MUST BE STOPPED.

    VOTE – this may be your last chance to do so.

  6. 12
    Hollanda Nish

    Protect the Fifth Estate! You folks are real heros. Im sorry you've become targets of vile people. You inform us in a fair and balanced way. You are as important to our Democracy as any militarily force. We salute you for your hard work and stedfastness is these extraordinary times. Thank you.

  7. 13
    Hollanda Nish

    Yeah, General Orange Bone Spurs will drain the swamp and finish installing the cesspool that was his last administration. Then he can be Generalísimo Cesspool.

  8. 14
    Carol Lockett

    Mentally deteriorates daily. Lock the unhappy creature away from us, fit him to an automatic diet Coke administration pump, play golf movies 24/7 to this lunatic. Throw away the keys.

  9. 17
    Bill O'Brien

    The Republican 'Party" is nothing resembling a political party. They've forgone expecting a candidate to actually have a platform. They are traitors to American ideals and values, deserve exactly what tRump thinks treason deserves. I mean can you believe they don't even expect tRump to have ideas for the country but send him money to stand before them to lie and whine? He has nothing for us but whining- what kind of pathetic loser describes the kind of freaks that would vote for him a second time? I promise- the moderators here would NEVER allow me to say what they really deserve. Nothing but pathetic trash masquerading a human.

  10. 18
    Sally F

    Democrats should call emergency press conferences and messages to the American people about the dangers of Trump, an aspiring Dictator.

  11. 20
    Marcy Peterson

    Trump, this was your promise the first time around, and YET, you didn't achieve ANY of your promises. You, raised our national debt more that ALL former presidents. Since you don't understand finances, you will loose all your properties, on your continued perfecting The Art of the Steal.

  12. 21
    nicholas verrechia

    The fact that Donald Trump virtually personifies the word liar is insignificant and pales
    against the fact that so many believe and worse, knowingly accept his lies. These
    are today's Republicans. How ironic that those who call themselves
    Republicans seek to end our Republic. Maybe someday
    somebody will write a poem about it.

  13. 22
    Tamme Brown

    The guy that spoke with a dark red background. I’ll pass. Joe demonstrated the dark side his entire career. Trump 2024 🇺🇸. Trump is a strong leader and he is completely pro American. He doesn’t have to have his hand held because fear of him falling down. he knows where he’s at at all times. Lol. You can legitimately hear every word he says and is coherent. Our economy was booming under Trump. Trump didn’t sensor people with different opinions. Trump did not take away our ability to grow and encouraged our natural resources to be more energy efficient and independent. I could go on and on. This is reality. Can you call that autocratic? Seriously?

  14. 23
    Richard R.

    I don't care if you dislike or like Trump. What I think we can all agree on is we need a strong President to lead the country and to stop listening to the all the squeaky wheels out there. What we have in Biden right now is far from being a true and "strong" President. He really should consider just retiring and enjoy his remaining years with his family instead of being everyone's political pinata.

  15. 24
    Lallie Hayes

    Let's not be fearful. Let's be strong and resolute to keep the MAGAt fringe out of elective offices. There are many more of us than there are of them. Don't fall for the scare tactics used by media to get clicks and $$.

  16. 25

    Some people are just stupid to believe this stuff! Democrats cry 'democracy' but they are the ones that want to ban voter I.D. to register-to-vote the millions Biden has let in at the southern border – cancelling out our citizen votes! THAT IS A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!

  17. 28
    Christopher Cottrell

    I'm sitting here with my father. I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father." ~Hunter Biden

  18. 30

    Wake up, Democrat voters! This blue cult is taking advantage of every honest and hard working American. Their disrespect is more than out of control, their blue followers are like walking zombies, wake up people!! Shut down the border should have been every Democrat concern to save and protect your country.

  19. 31

    MSNBC and all their tidbits are neurotic. Neurotic over hate for Trump. Grow up! Vote RED to save and protect our country from this Democrat failed mayhem over our country now.

  20. 36
    Bryce Stephens

    Why continue to give Trump air time ? Stop putting his face on TV. Gag Trump when he threatens judges. Gag Trump when he threatens generals. The US is at stake hear. The majority of Americans don’t want this guy back in office.

  21. 38
    Paul Stringer

    A100 year old President Biden would obviously still be preferable to Trump. Hearing even Carville ( who looks like a shrunken apple faced doll) in comparison to the smooth appearance of President Biden face, to hear even him using the far right talking points was infuriating. The Twilight Zone continues !!

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