Maggie Haberman reveals Trump’s potential role in Biden impeachment inquiry

New York Times Senior Political Correspondent Maggie Haberman explains to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins what she believes former President Donald Trump’s feelings are toward House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. #CNN #News

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  1. 3
    Steve Steves

    Impeach Joe and drain the swamp. U all voted for Joe. Rigged election. Banana Republic stuff. Let's do it again. Double standard. Fake system.

  2. 7

    Wow. Talk about the pan calling the kettle black. CNN wants us to believe that Trump can wield more power out of office than Biden can in office. Fair point. Good reporting. They finally got something right. 😮

  3. 9

    Bidenomics causing starvation and homelessness to citizens while thousands of illegal immigrants allowed in and get housing and food and medical‼️ Biden gotta go before we all starve to death.
    Maganomics was sooo much better.
    Blacks for Trump

  4. 13
    Egrin Targ

    The next time I go to vote, the biggest concern that will be on my mind is this. Are you guys really declaring war on drugs? Are you really at war with illegal drugs? Or are you guys at war with the constitution?

  5. 15
    Ryan Humpert

    Biden did take money from China as well as Hunter. They have proof of this and phone call recordings. Hunters laptop. The left is so brainwashed by these idiots on cnn who are just pure propaganda. Sick party on the left that has destroyed our economy the last 3 years. Blind leading the blind. Rachel Maddow is the worst but cnn is pretty bad too.

  6. 17
    Jack Flack

    Even if his impeachments were "erased" from his record, he will carry those black marks against him throughout history. You know when he is talked about in the future it will be like this

  7. 26
    Ze Barros

    If in 2017 Trump had a son making millions from an Ukraine and Russia companies CNN and all WOKE and biased media (NYT, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) would have asked immediate impeachment. CNN lost all its credibility in the last 6 years. Because it is Biden "there is no evidence" (Biden said in the debate with Trum his son had no relation with these companies and laptop was a hoax – a big flat lie)

  8. 27
    Mike Moore

    Ooooh it’s Trumps fault that Biden lied, it’s Trumps fault Biden took 20 million dollars. Once a crook always a crook Biden!

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