Symone: People want their freedoms

Donald Trump once bragged about helping to overturn Roe v. Wade, which until last year gave Americans the constitutional right to an abortion. But since then, voters have resoundingly stood on the side of reproductive rights, upholding them in every single election where those rights were at stake, including in Ohio and Virginia on Tuesday. MSNBC’s Symone Sanders explains what message last night’s major victories for Democrats sends to the GOP when it comes to reproductive freedom.

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  1. 2

    Yeah he's really proud that he appointed judges to the Supreme Court who lied to Congress when they were asked about Roe V Wade

  2. 8

    It never should have been a protected Right in the 1st place. Nowhere in the bill of Rights is abortion mentioned as a protected Right. Government had no business being involved in it.

  3. 11

    Mean while you have men wanting to transition just to have abortions. Women. Dont have rights because using the word woman is offensive. Any rights they do have a man can simply identify as and take from them anyways. Women's sports and spaces will be taken by men. Yeah I can see you ppl see the big picture here

  4. 12

    The problem is the left is unwilling to compromise with abortion. 90% of them are just because. And that shouldn't be allowed. Health and grape make up less than 10%. Abortion shouldn't be legal unless it's less than 10 %

  5. 14

    All he does is tell everyone what a super guy he is, while every single candidate he recently supported, including in Republican states, lost. Trump is the Dems' greatest gift!

  6. 20

    Trump is still going to win the majority of the white female vote because they were raised to always support their authority figures or risk losing their protection and provision. The 2024 presidential election will not be decided by a single issue such as abortion.

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