‘Shocking’ Watch Blinken react to footage of Hamas terrorist attack on family

Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared visibly shaken after a day of meetings with Israeli leaders in Tel Aviv, as he described “striking” and “shocking” images of the Hamas attack.

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    According to the Torah, Palestine is the land forbidden to the children of Israel because they refused to fight with Moses, and this is written in the Torah until the 19th century came, and this verse was distorted and it became called the Promised Land in order to take it as an excuse for the occupation of Palestine. I want to add something mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel that God He said to Abraham, “Go to the Holy Land, which is an inheritance for you and your children.” As a reminder, Ishmael is also the son of Abraham, so Muslims have the right to

  2. 6

    There is a difference between the Palestinian Hamas movement and the Palestinian people who defend their homeland and land with their lives

    And everything he owns, and between the cowardly Israeli occupier who came from the West and the East to occupy land that is not his.

  3. 12

    The Israeli war crimes against civilians is clear . Hamas is not hiding in civilian areas , they are located in underground tunnels that the devilish Israeli bombardment can not reach.
    Hamas attacked for few hours , killed several hundreds of IDF militias and armed settlers. IDF in return killed several hundreds Israeli civilians, several thousands Palestinian civilians, and around 60 Hanas fighters
    Doesn't that show yoi that the claimed terrorists are more humens and observed the international law more than Israeli Nazies?

  4. 13

    Clearly the United States lacks a war leader. The United States has no President. Mrs Bidden, Camilla, Jake or Catherine or Biglow or whoever is scripting the Biden speeches is not a Regent or President. Blinken appears to have remained shocked by the military enemies of the US, Israel and the West for five days. What Blinken describes is not a domestic crime it us an act of wsr against civilisation and ut requires supporting the Israeli military response not 5 minutes emotion before the next oeace conference

  5. 14

    The children of Gaza today will not have mercy on you tomorrow, you wonderful humanitarians? May God’s curse be upon your despicable humanity

  6. 16

    every day they tell us more of the same shit that (didnt) happen to the israelis by hamas on oct 7. But every single day i see new palestinian kids being bombed to death on twitter so your claims that israel is somehow the injured party here when 1/10th as many jews have died as palestinians. This some pure propaganda.

  7. 20

    Never trust muslims condemning Jihad in public to non-muslims. Muslims are teached to lie to decieve infidels in order to protect and spread Islam. Muslims use the concept of Taqiyya. You will know that Islam is peaceful only when muslims are in minority. "Fight anyone not believing in Islam". Sura 9:29 = universal initiative attacks for no apparent reason other than to impose Islam on infidels.

  8. 22

    It is funny how people are commenting here and there without any historical context , miles away, solely relying on the main stream media , the same media that they claim is always lying and has an agenda! The reality on the ground is different , classical European colonialism that lasted over 70 years, using the same nazi propaganda to demonize the endogenous people and treating them like animals and when they react in anyway they see that as a justification for more brutality and colonialism! So sickening… there is a reason that the whole world except the US view Israel as a war criminal and a terrorist state, but again, typical ignorant arrogant Americans here thinking they know it all, while their country is drowning down the hill!

  9. 24

    Now I know that American citizens are asleep and to some extent stupid because they do not know whether their money goes to Israel through the taxes they pay and they are still silent until now.

  10. 26

    Stop provoking them, you make it worse. The don't have proper education. They are responding to oppression and you keep provoking them, then getting upset by their response.

  11. 31

    CNN mass of a mixture of facts and figures that are serving and biased, selective distortions, misrepresentations, and misinterpretations in favor of Israel's occupation to kill more children in Gaza. It's a form of disgrace

  12. 32

    those clowns are showing a car with broken windows, in Gaza neihgborhoods being flattened with hundreds of people. How blind one can be to see those atrocities

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