‘She came in hot!’ Fani Willis torches Trump lawyer in stunning testimony

Katie Phang, MSNBC Host and Legal Analyst, Andrew Weissmann, Former Top Prosecutor at DOJ, Lisa Rubin, MSNBC Legal Analyst, and Michael Steele, Former RNC Chairman join Alicia Menendez in for Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House discuss the day of testimony in the court challenge to disqualify Fulton County Fani Willis from her sprawling case against Donald Trump 
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  1. 1


  2. 4

    Shame on you corrupt msnbc..yous are a disgusting organisation..an unGodly organisation an evil entity and all who work for shame on you for trying to destroy America..History will remember everyone of yous..

  3. 9

    MSNBC and its Viewers (NOT ALL)- BuT TrUMP, Their supporters ArE.a CuLT. MSNBC whenever there are facts against their narrative- "This is a far right conspiracy theory".

  4. 11

    Now that the truth is out, there is very little coverage from MSNBC. Guess that reporting the truth and the corruption of this DA is not on the plate of MSNBC.
    This just proves that MSNBC is just really in the business of making lies.

  5. 18

    In Georgia it is still a misdemeanor to engage in adultery. Its still a crime to lie under oath. Willis and Wade and Bradley all appear to have lied or intentionally worked to deceive the court. An actual crime committing liar, who has fired whistle blowers, is pursuing charges against a former president. Or to state it differently white liberal Democrats are allowing crime committing/deceitful black lawyers to willfully commit crime to control the most important story in election history. Willis lied and said she hadn’t been to the White House. But the White House logs show she visited the Vice President TWICE.

    It appears that multiple black lawyers committed crimes and perjuries, Fani Willis, Wade and Bradley all appear to have openly and un-abashedly lied to the court. But white liberals don't mind using the unethical blacks to accomplish their political ends. Uncle Tom's Cabin?

    Injustice Incorporated.

  6. 20

    No she didn't come in HOT she embarrassed her self on national TV and comes from not Trump's supporter! You are all delicious that is why no one trusts your reporting!

  7. 28

    I'm so tired of Biden's relentless shortcomings. I gotta vote for Trump this time. I think most Americans are beginning to relate to him better and understand all that he did to fight corruption. Biden is the epitome of corruption,

  8. 32

    She sure did come in hot. She was told rather quickly, by the judge, to shut the phkup or he was going to strike her testimony. It's quite obvious that she is lying and Suede is lying. It's over. They will be replaced and the case dismissed. Trump vs Lil' Fanny is JR Ewing vs Cliff Barnes. Cliff, Lil' Fanny, thinks he's finally going to get JR, but, it never happens. No other DA would touch this hot pile of schidt 💩.

  9. 35

    Willis made a fool of herself. Most people see that. And MSNBC thinks the people they brought in to sell their bs spin on it will change many minds. It won’t.

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