White House reveals whether Biden has any Iran regrets

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and NSC strategic communications coordinator John Kirby speak to the press. #foxnews

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  1. 1

    Trump should be kicked off the ballot because of the insurrection clause! This clause prohibits people who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution from holding public office if they engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States or giving aid or comfort to the enemies of the United States Currently Trump is leading the republican house full of confederate insurrectionist sympathizes certainly seems to me it’s time for the DOJ to go into those chambers and charge them with Conspiracy! It’s unconscionable that we would allow this dangerous situation to fester! Face it Donald Trump is an enemy of the United States and members of the house representatives fall into this category of aiding and comforting enemies of the United States at this moment!

  2. 7

    Blah Blah inside voice or JB"s wacko screaming voice! Why do they insist on briefings when it's been on REPEAT for 3yrs.KJP blinking is faster than her lies

  3. 8

    If she cared as much about her appearance and she did her job maybe just maybe we might have a little respect for her. How can somebody be so used to lying to where it becomes natural. 👿

  4. 16

    Biden never has regrets because nothing's ever his fault. He's the greatest President ever and if we stupid serfs are too ignorant to know that well then, that's just too bad for us!

  5. 18

    If you give Biden any more money he will use it for more illegal migrants,she just lies for him and she claimed how many times that our BORDER was NOT OPEN and we all know they were all lies same goes for whatever Kirby says to. We have got to get rid of these enemies of the United States Citizens and all those Taxpayers RESOURCES being used for these INVADERS of America with help from the UNITED NATION'S AND THE TAXPAYERS MONEY TO ASSIST THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM ALL OVER WORLD TO PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO GET TO OUR OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER.

  6. 24

    It needs to be a “stand alone” border bill—no other BS. Period. Then they can negotiate other stuff. America wants its borders secured first!!

  7. 25

    No one is asking for more border agents as Kirby said for administration of letting illegal immigrants in the country. Send them to your house

  8. 28

    Would the real clown please take the podium? Oh wait…there's a fiesta at the border! Let's do nothing this presidential year. This administration is the world's worst team. They should by stock in make up. So many clowns.😂

  9. 30

    Why doesnt biden take random questions from the press? He may have at one time or two, but why not regularly like all other presidents have. Can a Democrat answer this simple question? Ill even help with the start of the answer. Biden doesnt take random questions from the press regularly like all other presidents have because…..

  10. 31

    What kind of a border are you going to put up with all that money. You better account for every penny. It should all go for the border. And the border only, no pet projects.

  11. 38

    It’s dead in the House anyway. So it’s a stalemate because H2 was passed in the house and Schumer would not bring it to the Senate floor for a vote!!

  12. 42

    Please please stop stop repeating repeating every every other other word word you you say say. If if you you do do it it will will save save us us so so many many brain brain cells cells.

  13. 45

    I don’t know how you can stand and liar so much . Can you sleep in night. You don’t have coincidences you are traitor too to participate in this circus of liars Biden promoting. The truth is democratic are no have clue and coincidences that you destroying this country.

  14. 46

    How many are dead in Afghanistan? Or being held prisoner? But thats been a while. People done forgot about it. Or so they think. Remember during Obama era. We invaded every state ,country in Middle East. Last one hit was Yemen. There was seven all together. So actually ir wasn't all of Middle East.

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