Sen. Brown: Grassroots won last night in Ohio

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, joins Morning Joe to discuss the outcome of Tuesday’s election, which saw Ohio voters adding the right to access abortion care to the state’s constitution.

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Sen. Brown: Grassroots won last night in Ohio

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  1. 13

    Every woman has the right to her own body not republican maga party vote blue up and down time to say to every republican enough is enough if you don't get back to working for the people you will be out this is a start

  2. 17

    Tim Ryan was a terrible candidate. I know the guy is perpetually willing to go one these sorts of shows and talk about himself but the guy has a horrible record on the issues that matter to left and left leaning voters and no amount of "appealing to the middle" will ever win an election.

    Senator Brown is sincere, reliable and passionate about the issues people care about. That's why he wins.

  3. 20

    No son, grass roots, are not socialists, they love the constitution, all of it, they bleed red white and blue, and cry when they hear the anthem, not kneel, thats vrass roots. Any other is deluded. And now this shrew is a fake newser ?

  4. 23

    I don't think the Ohio, 'vote blue no matter who' is much of a victory. It ranks right up there with a Fetterman win. Still liberal media has to work with what they are given.

  5. 27

    Please, viewers, don't become overconfident; don't underestimate this very dangerous enemy. MAGA owns the U.S. House, half the Senate, the Supreme Court, and most state legislatures and governorships. All because we Dems fail to turn out and VOTE.

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