Haberman: Here’s how Trump’s allies plan to carry out his ‘pretty radical’ agenda

CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman tells CNN’s Kaitlan Collins about her New York Times reporting that details how Trump allies are searching for more aggressive lawyers to fill key positions in his 2024 administration.

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    Seems at this time, the majority want Trump, over Biden. Maybe Biden's the problem, and not Trump? Biden drops in the polls daily.

  2. 8

    She's not going to sell her father out. She may sell out her siblings but not papa. Ivanka Trump would sail right back into the white house if Trump won a 2nd term.

  3. 10

    Second Trump presidency will be fat orange turd going after his political enemies without restrictions, an extreme right wing agenda from extremist evangelicals, a budget deficit big enough to pay for 6 WW2,'s (WW2 cost the US $4 Trillion dollars so you do the math), schools like what is in Florida where propaganda and dogma are taught with no effort to educate, minorities alienated or just flat out sold down the river like in Afghanistan (S Korea and Taiwan beware), Social Security and Medicare removed for no one who cant afford insurance gets to see a doctor (especially in the middle of a global pandemic trying to remove medical insurance from over 15 million people) allies alienated and isolated, the US looked on as a joke because its President is a moron. a tsunami of bullshit blaming everyone else for his screw ups and N Korea able to launch a nuclear weapon at the US. When it comes to him handing over to whoever takes over months of getting rid of the assholes he's placed in jobs with orders to deliberately obstruct the new administration. Trumps second term.

  4. 13

    Whenever you see someone who is scheduled to testify in a court of law put forth the amount of resources I& effort vanka has to keep herself from having to testify you must draw the conclusion she has testimony she would rather NOT have to discuss much less have to come with it in a court of law .

  5. 22

    A huge bonus to Trump losing, would be, hopeully, the disappearance of Stephen Miller, creepy ghoul. Inflicting physical and emotional trauma to immigrant CHILDREN to advance his perverse hatred of immigrants. He's one of Trump's most faithful, and most cruel–a poor excuse for a human being.

  6. 25

    Why doesn’t CNN just start calling themselves TDS news?? Its freakin pathetic smh
    Especially with all of us Americans struggling under their king currupt Sniffy Joe theres way more important things to worry about ffs!🙄

  7. 28

    Haberman is a disgrace to humanity – CNN is low level crap but look at all of their robots on here trying to create a narrative. Trump is killing the 2024 election.

  8. 30

    Yeah with all the BS posted here, how is your bank accounts now? How are you doing now? You like paying $4.00 for gas? $12.00 for a pack of chicken? More co-pays and allowing the F Biden's to use their position of power to extort $$$$$$$$$ by threatening others??? The posts here are from those who hate Trump and that's it! But if you used your head to look at how he handled the WH, the countries who hate us, business and more, you might see that there are many corrupt families who do exactly what Trump, Biden, Clinton and that Obama $15,000,000 home in Martha's Vineyard do/did. And you might see that CNN is nothing more than a TRUMP hater media station. Look at the entire Democratic Party and see what they are doing to your schools, how they threaten people and if you don't follow their agenda, they will hurt you any way possible. The Trump situation is a prime example. They used YOUR tax dollars for the past how many years to go after him to keep him out of the WH. Wouldn't it be nice if they worked to help YOU, the tax payer? They held numerous hearings going after Trump but allow the Biden family to continue their corrupt practices?????? And any time a Democrat is taking their time to speak, they bring up Trump even though he is not the one the hearing is about??????? Come on, this is what a 5 year old could see. DFs!

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