See Fani Willis’ entire defiant testimony in stunning courtroom moment 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the stand and denied misconduct allegations around her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. The Georgia hearing could have an enormous impact on the sprawling Trump RICO case. The judge stated it’s “possible” Willis could be disqualified from overseeing the case.
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  1. 8

    It seems like the court ha already decided her fate by the way fani I talked to and treated. Good old southern racism. She never had a chance they stacked the deck against her and wade. Blacks dare to be successful at their peril

  2. 13

    So corrupt this D.A wow. She even lied ti her church! And here's this media channel deceiving you all these spin doctors. She lied about the affair too. So arrogant she is. I don't even like trump. As a black man in America Shes a disgrace to our people

  3. 20

    Absolutely disgusting and corrupt
    People are living payday to payday right now and they’re out having lunches and going on expensive trips with taxpayer money !!!!

  4. 27

    It amazes me how people watch this video and say the things they say. She is guarding her words in response to the questions which are designed to look like she is lying. She knows she is being set up and does a great job of responding to each question. It is sad these comments are trying to make it seem like she is a hostile witness. "Let's Be Clear" she is not.

  5. 30

    They just want to make powerful Black people bow down to their White power. Regardless of the power of any white man or their government, Most Black Americans won’t kowtow, especially when we have some power

  6. 31

    She sure throws cash around randomly……. and she sure forgets a lot of details regarding her trips and cash. Everyone I know could tell you who paid when they did things together….. this woman doesn't like to be a defendent…..she's also very nervous for an innocent woman

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