A hypersonic missile struck Kyiv for the first time, Ukraine says

Ukraine claims it has evidence Russia fired an advanced hypersonic missile – one that experts say is almost impossible to shoot down – for the first time in the almost 2-year-old war. The government-run Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise said in a Telegram post that debris recovered after a February 7 attack on the Ukrainian capital pointed to the use of a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile by the Russian military. #CNN #News

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    Putin with the help of Iran/Hamas, created a diversion last fall. It worked… the focus and money shifted to Israel. Putin has increased shelling since October and he's gaining momentum.

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    for those who dont understand… essentially… this is russias advanced hypersonic missle, which the west playing catch up to. and if ukraine truly does have debris from this misslie, they can realistaclly use it as leverage. collect the debris, and use it as a brgaining chip for more funding, and in turn, the west gets access to sensitive material, that they could either reverse engineer, if there is enough of it left, or they can create effective deterrents and counter measures, for the spearhead of russias most advanced missile systems. leverage leverage leverage. is it true? unlikely… that russia would launch its most advanced missle, when even dumb' missiles make it through anyway. if i had to guess, it was probably just a regualar missle, but someone is fudging the facts to try to leverage more funding.

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    Trump said stupid NATO need to pay , but but but i say we dont need US, NATO can ez win vs Russia , NATO and west media always said Russia is really bad military they suks and use only old equipment , so who cares what Trump said , EU can easy deal with Russia.
    stop cryning

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    Fake news😂😂😂😂 zircon missiles has a war head of 900 lbs … yet the building that was his was just smoke and fire damages… or just damage by a cooking babushka 😂😂😂😂 that was hit by airdefence against a shahed😂😂1🤑🤑🤑🤑

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    If US's cherry-picking global cop program had never existed Europe would have been spending a hell of a lot more on defense many decades ago.
    I can easily understand how the situation developed. The end of WWII left every European nation, (except Switzerland) on it's knees.
    After eighty years… I think the US can let go of Europe's bicycle seat. I am glad we could be of service, your welcome and let's get our global poop in a group shall we?

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    Liberal CCN Reporter and Grossi both are scared of even mentinoning breach of agreement by Iran in process of nuclear weapon production 😅😂 .West scared of Iran and Iran is bigger power to be dictated what it can or can't do being the fact of World reality now .Iran already is a Nuclear power and it has nothing to do with Western already sunk powers . West can't do anything about Iran and Iran does whatever it likes without reprocussions by wetlot ! Meantime idiots in political circles and public just wished Iran best Russian war partner would just goaway and as if it doesnot exists 😂😅.West is finished

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    Thousands of Russian projectors including hyporsonic missiles hitting homes 😮😮😮but same amount of Ukrainian missiles only targetting Russian military 😅😂😅 .Meantime total civilians killed in the war is less than 1000 since 2022 Russian invasion in compare to 30 thousands killed in Palestine in 3 months .West lies

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