Republicans slowly come to realize their abortion rights disaster

Alex Wagner shows the shift in understanding among conservatives as the overturning of Roe v. Wade went from being their greatest victory to their greatest liability as they’re learning the hard way just how much American voters care about abortion rights.  

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  1. 4
    J B

    Turns out women and girls actually like owning their own bodies. Hmm 🤔. It’s almost like we’re people who want basic human rights like body autonomy.

  2. 5
    Lisa Poynter

    Ted Cruz just called the American voters "ignorant." That's a basic Republican tenet for a reason. They twist things up then call their voters stupid.

  3. 6
    angelika opland

    Republicans love winning…so much they'll cheat to do it. They have a problem with women who, inconveniently for them, make up just over half the voting population.

  4. 8
    Michael Willis

    Can Cruz really be that ignorant? Really?
    Women are being ARRESTED for leaving their States to get Reproductive Health Care when they were promised – PROMISED – they would be allowed that right. Good grief. Mqy as well have police in black uniforms and red armbands standing at each border crossing at each State asking for "papers, please"!

  5. 9
    Ned Grant

    So, before we blink an eye, MAGAgoons will be accusing Liberals of trying to take away abortion rights, and the Religious Wrong will agree because Jesus was all about winning at all costs.

  6. 11

    My dad taught me this: "A barking dog isn't biting. be wary when the dog goes silent." We all saw what you've done, the outcry won't help (and were definitely no too dumb to know this), but getting you out of office will. so that's what we'll do.

  7. 12
    Tiff Needles

    Nothing about HIS life changed, but his supporters lost the right to choose for themselves if they can afford a baby at this time or even another baby when they are struggling to afford the children they already have

  8. 13

    They had better wake up because abortion rights ain't the only right that will be taken should this dictator wanna be get back in office!

  9. 14
    V Smith

    Roe vs wade abortion regulation was logical.

    Abortion bans are not because womens health is at risk when doctors have to second guess treatment.

    Roe vs wade had abortion restrictions that valued quality of life to both the new life and the parent. 1st trimester is choice abortion because miscarriage can happen naturally anytime in the first 12 weeks and the neurological development in the fetus is not complete.

    Most mothers choose abortion or adoption early because they know they dont have the resources or support to care for the new life.

    2nd trimester allows for choice only in fetal defects found. Otherwise its prioitize the mothers health.

    A 30% risk to the mothers life and babys wellbeing in cancer treatment is enough to terminate the pregnancy by the mothers choice. Its not substantial and immediate life threat in abortion bans.

    3rd trimester… efforts to save them both must be made.

  10. 15
    BC Gaming

    It didn't have as much to do with abortion rights as it did Republican voters being sick of the "uniparty" GOP and staying home.

  11. 16
    Coco Ace

    They didn't really care about fetuses. Their only objective was to control women at any cost . Women are getting out of horrible marriages & relationships . They were willing to put women in jail if we didn't do what they wanted us to do . I guess they would have let abusers & unalivers out of jail , to make room for " Susie homemaker. " ❤

  12. 20

    This is what Republicans don't understand. Yes we are sick of inflation, but even worse is not having control of your body AND inflation. Stay out of my doctor's office!

  13. 21
    Shannon Van Patten

    Abortion is a tragedy. Women suffer from depression and regret after losing the child. But don't expect any truth from TV. Like Howard Beale said, TV is the most ungodly propaganda machine ever created

  14. 26

    I’d read something about Roe v Wade in a book called Freakonomics. A reduction in crime after Roe v Wade because the mothers who couldn’t raise children weren’t having them.

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