Escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante gets past police perimeter

The manhunt for escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante is expanding. Police say he slipped past a police perimeter and stole a vehicle. #CNN #News #shorts

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  1. 1
    R. Martin

    These people are a discrace and an embarrassment to the intelligence of humanity. They had him already. How on Earth are you so poor at what you do that you lose 3 convicts in as many months, or fewer? It has to be intentional, surely and of so, thats corruption.

  2. 12

    Why aren't there luve manned video monitoring of inmates… they show the video of him climbing the walls but someone should have been watching that on video when it happened…

  3. 14
    Lorraine Johnson

    I have a few questions 1 why wasn't he in Graterford prison instead of a county prison
    2 why didn't they get items from his cell and have the dogs pick up his scent immediately
    3 how in the hell did he just leave the prison when there's barbed wire around the entire prison
    Something's not adding up

  4. 15
    steven obrien

    You have to wonder if he would have been captured by now if not for Democrats cutting back on funding for police so much over the last couple years

  5. 17
    Mary Moriarity

    It sounds as if the law is not doing its job correctly. This man will eventually kill again or he will take somebody hostage. Perhaps an entire family now that the man is armed with a gun that has a scope and a light attached to it even though it’s only a rifle, there is no guessing what he might do if he is capable of stealing. One vehicle he will be capable of stealing another and another so he’s headed north. There are only so many roads north.

  6. 18
    Richard Taylor

    So busy nigga hunting he making them cops look foolish please God for give me but there going put pain on him it's the GOP Way GUNS OVER People facts

  7. 19
    wad0rade morris

    That was good answer from thw cop. Didmt try to cover up anything and admitted that shit wasnt 100 percent . No excuses he said but it happened. Much respect to him from me for that.

  8. 20

    That’s what happens when a corrections system claims rehabilitation and integration but really just causes convicts to develop mental health issues making them desperate to escape life is short

  9. 22
    Megan Elizabeth

    this fool is wasting so many resources lookin for his scumbag ass instead of helping people who actually need it!! hopefully the next person who finds him in their house stands their ground!!

  10. 26
    Mary Moriarity

    Yes, there are certainly some strange circumstances about the escape of this killer From the jail. Sounds as if somebody in the prison helped him escape.

  11. 30
    Kas Kall

    At present, the warehouses of industrial sheds in Addas Ababa and Oromia have stopped their normal operations and have become the prisons and torture houses of the Amhara nation. In extremely shocking conditions, women are abused and beaten, men are sexually assaulted, beaten, and their genitals are mutilated. Oromo is clearly showing its killer and oppressor. Sadly, the world is just watching.

  12. 34
    D Lewis


  13. 37
    Chris Nelson

    He is making an ass out of the entire justice system and law enforcement at this point. He will be working on some dairy farm before long if ya don't crack the case folks. Frankly the reward amount doesn't scream priority. Its like he has someone on the inside.

  14. 41
    Love and Peace

    Not making any excuses, really you making excuses… man who doesn't know the area …. making law enforcements look like a joke…. embarrassing!!!

  15. 43
    Wizardof87 1987

    Is there a tshirt for this mugshot? I am thinking of starting a collection of mugshot tshirts… Putting up a display case in the closet…Tshirts of Drump, Hunter Biden, The PA escaped prisoner, Vladimir Pootin…Trust me guys I am very accepting of everyone.😁😁😁

  16. 44
    Walter Arredondo

    Is my understanding that this guy used to lived in the south American rainforest, is going to be hard to capture him, he knows how to survive in the jungle!

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