Pressure rising on Sen. Tuberville to end blockade on military promotions

Former U.S. Senate candidate and retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Amy McGrath, Bush administration Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Admiral Steve Abbot and retired Rear Admiral Mike Smith join Nicolle Wallace to discuss the rising pressure surrounding Senator Tommy Tuberville who for months has been holding up military promotions over the Defense Department’s abortion policy.

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  1. 2
    Elaine Johnstone

    Tuberville was a coach not an expert on national security? Why does he want to do this. It will hurt everyone in our country. He’s a disgrace! I’m shocked! So disgraceful!

  2. 3
    irish lady

    Its a good thing we spend a trillion dollars on national defense, but 1 senator can bring our military down????: we're not getting our money's worth…… where's biden with executive orders to save our security!!! Come on, we deserve better!!!

  3. 4
    Joe Newmeyer

    If they are promoting on the bases of color, yes, hold out. Not promoting on merit and promoting on color will get our kids and grandchildren slaughtered because of this. Merit is the only thing promoting an officer should be based on. What these amateur people are saying is a lie to you. National security is not at risk. The military is based on the next lower rank will take charge. Always been that way. These people on here are politicians. You know what that means? Promoting on Merit only is the way it must be. Promoting on color is suicide to our young ones. They deserve better. Under qualified promotions is stupid and the real threat to National security. Don't listen to these politicians including the retired military. Their agenda is bass acwords!

  4. 9

    hello news people. Can someone ask why President Joe Biden as Commander in Chief CANNOT over ride tupperware? They only need one vote for over 300 positions – one vote from the entire House, right? Can't Biden over-ride? He is COMMANDER IN CHIEF – is he not?????? Can one of you news people ask this question to anyone who knows the answer?

  5. 12
    James Cutburth

    At the end of WW2 we had 7-4Stars running a global war. Today we have "44" and can't fulfill our troop recruitments! There are way to many at Command level with no battle experience need that promo-process revamped! Don't forget, those "44" have only fought 3rd-world army's in pajamas that live in caves and tunnels while killing millions of civilians and spending trillions of dollar and haven't won a war since ww2!

  6. 13
    L H

    Ignorant, embarrassing man hurting families and lives of the military….who does he think he is????

  7. 25

    All Rump's plan with his toadies like tele tubby. If we are attacked, we are attacked on Biden's watch. Same thing goes with shutting down the government. TRAITOR Rump wants to push it as Biden's failures and only he can stop it. Vote Blue if you want them gone.

  8. 27

    Tuberville will be killed along with millions of Americans in the very near future,, because of his own actions. Don't believe me just wait till North Korea and China And countries around the world see the chance to destroy the country. Let the people who want this to happen, meaning the Republican party pat themselves on the back for their great job.

  9. 28
    D K

    I'm sure, like the sleezball he is, he'll find a way to pin this on someone else and not take responsibility.

  10. 31

    The Democrats are allowing this junior senator to run roughshod over the confirmation hearing process. Shameful – and the Democrats are to blame as well.

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