Biden impeachment going to uncover greatest corruption scandal in US history: GOP rep

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., on averting a government shutdown, budget negotiations, a potential Hunter Biden subpoena and the Biden impeachment inquiry.

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  1. 2
    Hidalgo Hamer

    🇺🇸Hi, Maria and
    Elise Stefanik. Nice deliverance.
    I have seen Elise in group, but now listening to her commentary-you ladies are great communicators.
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
    Thank you,
    Fox Business.

  2. 3
    J G

    Yeah… The selling out of America… Biden is the evil tennant you can't evict poring concrete down the pipes before he leaves

  3. 7
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    Government that says it will give 150 reais per child and refund the amount in the mother's belly, being in favor of abortion! Refund or suspension after all was a campaign promise. And only politicians who talked about exploration at the mouth of the Amazon River are in favor in geography classes. After all, the sea current from the north of Brazil releases all the nutrients from the powerful Amazon River onto the corals of the Bahamas. A law must be voted so that if corals are affected. All the unfortunate Petrobras shareholders have lost shares and are still responsible for the losses. And all the money goes to UN member countries. The Cayman Islands are out after all, that's where they keep their money from corruption and tax evasion applied to all human beings on the globe Ha!Ha!Ha!.

  4. 8
    Steve Vinsonhaler

    CRs are a waste of time. 30 more days isn't going to change anything. Congress should pledge that if they can't get a budget done by the 30th, they all will resign. Congress has already had almost a year to get this done. Oh that's right, they need to go recess, vacation, etc. Congress was elected to serve We The People. If you need time off, perhaps you shouldn't have run for office.

  5. 11
    Gary Goddard

    Why not get impeachment going,weve waited long enough,impeach biden and shut down the boarders,now we the tax payers have had enough of this corruption, biden just gave 325 million to ukraine again and biden hasnt gave texas a dime to help with the boarders,whats wrong with our government,i will tell you democrats want total of we the people ,there trying get all the migrants to vote for them ,whats going on here has to be breaking the law and nobodys getting locked up, grow some balls republicans,ive had it

  6. 13

    All this will end up being is a slap on the wrist. No one but no one in the Whitehouse goes to prison. The only people that do go is low level people in Washington and you won't even know who they are. All this is going to be is one big show

  7. 14

    So how’s it going with evidence so far? Nothing has been produced with the exception of lies from you life republicans supporters. FOX is now reputed to be liars and being sued and in fear of losing FCC licenses for their many affiliates .

  8. 18

    "Most of it is what we've passed before" is the biggest problem. No more Omnibus bills and bulk funding resolutions. These ppl are public servants and should be held to that regard! Also, FJB

  9. 20
    gary seeber

    Were not stupid our whole government is fake show. Corruption like growing cancer rules. Nothing good has happened and nothing will

  10. 21

    Biden's impeachment has already been proven just another child's game by the children's RW party. LMAO that was days ago. All the paperwork from the archives proves yet again the babies that need to lie, due to lack of intelligence proves Biden is innocent. Republican Blasts Biden Impeachment Inquiry as Waste of Time

  11. 22
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    Lula defends the right to abortion.
    The brave new Brazil! Paths to sustainability! Refund of the 150 reais promised by Lula per child! Balance public accounts to support high salaries! I believe they can go further in the evolution by recycling discarded material, sending it to future in vitro pregnancy clinics, which could meet various demands, including adoption for couples who cannot have children, perhaps even a bonus for those who even You want to breastfeed with medication to produce your own milk. Silicone implant clinics will go out of business. And by the way, we see so many risks that women put themselves through seeking the perfect body in beauty clinics that continue to operate.

  12. 23
    J A

    Come on people wake up.
    The sad thing is Biden will be re-elected even if nobody votes for him and President Trump will be in prison somewhere and the Democrats will easily take back the House and add seats to the Senate and keep total power again.
    I saw the Same teenagers who were paid $25 dollars per every fake ballot they fill out and they were making upwards of $5,000+ dollars per person per ballot and they were doing it for a little over 4 months straight.
    So basically each teenager could go and buy a new corvette in pocket change.

  13. 25
    Joann Phillips

    About all the evidence of the cocaine all over the White House with Hunter and Joe this is what our taxpayers money is paying for their cocaine problems

  14. 36

    Can’t Wait for Don the Con to be Locked up🙏 fox news isn’t far from that as well⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

  15. 38
    Doron B-A

    1)  Before US-talks about Saudi-Justice or about "Shared-Values"
    (with Israel…):
    Pretty-Please: Display evidence on Biden-bribery-Question, and "health-condition" ??
    2)  Israel PM: Please do not meet Biden at the WH: health (and bribery-qstn) might cause revealing secrets.
    2.1) Not in the WH (because probably Obama's ruled)
    2.2) Qstn (Carlson interview): Was the "white-powder" found in WH (July 2) Obama's (not Hunter's)??
    3)  Irony: RICO suit better "Baiden-Brand".
    NSO probably have bribery-evidence
    (כתב-התביעה 4# נגד "טראמפ" RICO הוא שם החוק כנגד פשע-מאורגן) מתאים יותר לביידן: כי לקח-שוחד (מעל 50 מיליון)
    4)  סבירות, ל: הדחת-ביידן (עקב שוחד) כלומר: להדק הקשר עם "סגנית-הנשיא"…
    אולי: לחכות ל"רפובליקנים", כי:
    אולי יחליטו: ל"מחוק-אתר-העשרה"

  16. 40
    Ronbo Omega

    Congress will use piggy back routine again! They should outlaw piggy banking in congress! You vote on a law and that’s it! No throwing little perks and extras into the bill. That’s how much of this garbage gets passed.

  17. 43
    paul truong

    I don't think American people accept for Kamala Harris take over office by amendment 25 th she give up the border or change Michell Obama she is a woman but it has little brother go together Obama is homosexual Obama call Michell is Michael

  18. 44
    denese Burrell

    Kevin McCarthy: "This is working… a lot of it's what we passed before…"
    So it's the same old cr@p, huh? No wonder Government isn't working~🤬

  19. 46

    30 more days? Then what? Also, why does EVERY part of the government need to be stopped? Aren't we obligated to maintain a certain amount of vital infrastructure?

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