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Kevin McCarthy: Biden picked Putin over America

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy discusses the Biden administration’s energy agenda, his ouster and how he plans on helping Republicans in the 2024 election on […]

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Republicans are no closer to electing a speaker: The House is ‘paralyzed’

FOX News’ Chad Pergram provides updates on House Republicans’ efforts to elect a new speaker after nine candidates joined the race. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox […]

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Republicans ‘do not want’ another failed vote for speaker, Rep. Sessions says

House speaker candidate Rep. Pete Sessions joins ‘FOX & Friends First’ ahead of Republicans’ secret ballot vote and discusses the Biden administration’s response to Iran. […]

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GOP chooses Tom Emmer as House speaker candidate

FOX News’ Chad Pergram reports the latest from Capitol Hill. #FOXNews Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News […]

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Maria Bartiromo: This is the criminality of a cover-up

‘Mornings with Maria’ host Maria Bartiromo reacts to Attorney General Merrick Garland testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee and the Biden impeachment inquiry […]

Fox Business

GOP rep reveals ‘disturbing’ findings in Biden’s impeachment inquiry: ‘Not adding up’

Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the Biden administration spending policies, the UAW strike and the GOP’s impeachment inquiry of President […]


Charlie Sykes: House Republicans want to ‘devalue the coin of impeachment’

House Republicans are preparing to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden two days before the federal government shuts down. Charlie Sykes and Peter Baker […]


Hear why George Santos supports McCarthy’s call for impeachment inquiry into Biden

Embattled New York Republican Rep. George Santos speaks with CNN’s Erin Burnett about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s call for an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. […]


Anderson Cooper: After years of saying one thing, McCarthy is doing another

CNN’s Anderson Cooper takes a look at Kevin McCarthy’s past comments during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings and how he is now reversing course […]