Gaetz threatens to pursue ousting McCarthy as speaker

CNN’s Abby Phillip speaks to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) after he threatened to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), due in part to McCarthy’s call to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

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  1. 6
    Imonsae Xwb

    Why I don't see no reporting about Biden La la La Gagging on CNN, Sleepy Joe has had so many blunder guess they want to hide his dumbfound incidents from the not so smart voters. Biden 2024, Make Democrats eat what they want…

  2. 10
    L H

    Oh go away Gaetz. We're tired of your self-serving ranting and obstructionism.
    Try being a politician with policies and projects to help Americans, instead of just blocking all the decent and good policies from others. YOU certainly are not doing the work of the American people….just for yourself.

  3. 13
    Life Soul Centered

    If Congress lost their pay during a government shutdown, this fighting wouldn’t be happening. So, who is correct, Abby or Gaetz on how he voted on the defense appropriations bill?

  4. 14
    JuJu Pedals

    CNN proves themselves the absolute worst channel pretending to be a news organization again by this idiot broadcaster trying to say there is no evidence against Biden's impeachment inquiry. So the IRS whistleblowers dont matter, the tax records that trace tens of millions to the biden family dont matter, the fact that the DOJ intentionally allowed the statute of limitations to run out over hunter bidens unpaid taxes dont matter, and the fact that records show hunter biden paid for prostitutes and tried to write them off as tax deductions, dont matter. These are all facts, with evidence that is shown on real news channels – but CNN and their ardent viewers want to live in a mak believe world where facts dont matter.

  5. 15

    Sure lol Biden wasn't seeing any of the money his son made from being joe bidens son. People are so stuck in their lanes it's sad. There is evidence. Massive evidence. Watch other channels besides left wing hacks that have no choice but to defend biden.

  6. 17
    Rena Manvelova

    This is what democrats do put fingers in ears and yell La La La La I don’t hear no evidence La La La La no his name isn’t on the check saying for selling the Biden Brand . Give me a freaking break .

  7. 18
    Rena Manvelova

    Evidence tell me what idiot puts a check in there name if they want to avoid getting caught discovered ousted your not going to see a check for JOE BIDEN from BURISMA if Trump got caught having millions transferred to family accounts from countries like China Russia Ukraine I mean they would have it plastered all over the news I’m just amazed at the selective Common sense these CNN reporters or anyone that says that crap what evidence are you kidding me your not going to see a check in Joe Biden’s name but it doesn’t mean he’s not guilty he is guilty plenty Democrats just want to act stupid they know what’s up they wish Trump got caught for everything Biden is getting caught with .

  8. 19
    Herb Strohmayer

    Ain't sticking up for McCarthy he is a weak man gaezt butt should be in prison right now for sex crimes period Ain't who you know it who you blow right matt

  9. 22
    Jacob Cooper

    CNN had to cut the video before it got even worse for their generic host. Matt was walking circles around her — a common theme when dealing with Democrats.

  10. 26
    Patrick Vaccaro

    This accused pedophile needs to be in jail. Why is he walking the streets? He should be in jail with his buddy who is a convicted pedophile look it up yacht parties with cocaine, vaping marijuana. That’s what Hawthorne said, and that’s the truth guarantee it.

  11. 28
    Wally Jackson

    CNN is basically Joe Biden sycophant media and this black woman is most egregious form I've seen yet this is why I never watch the stupid Network and most Americans reject CNN

  12. 29
    Wally Jackson

    Joe Biden is a career Criminal Who has bribed and use his position of power to wealth in his bank accounts and bribery is an impeachable offense why does his black woman on CNN didn't do not understand this and the corporate mainstream media keeps lying that there is no evidence

  13. 33
    Wally Jackson

    Is this black woman realize that 20 shell companies linked to Joe Biden's family members have been discovered an accumulation of $20 paid for by Foreign governments have gone into these accounts why does cnnq blind CNN needs to be shut down as a news organization

  14. 34
    Wally Jackson

    They continued live from the corrupt Chinese CPP media such as CNN and which is essentially the same thing continues to lie because they want to defend the puppet for trying that Joe Biden this black reporter is a goddamn liar

  15. 35
    Wally Jackson

    This nasty black woman broadcaster on the Chinese network of CNN lies out of her butt as there is tons of evidence CNN Network needs to have a disclaimer between each and every interview such as this with madcase that they are indeed Democrat Party media and they are propped up and product for the Democrat Party there is so much evidence and our mainstream media such a CNN is failing to report it accurately this black reporter is a disgusting troll Gaetx should not n be talking to such Pravda

  16. 37
    Berjaya Sport

    What else does the United States have other than shamelessly robbing, illegally sanctioning other countries, lying, and spreading rumors like a bandit?

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