Gaetz blasts McCarthy on House floor

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) delivered a message to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the House floor following McCarthy’s announcement that he is calling on his committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. #cnn #news

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  1. 8
    Philip Johnson

    I don't know why you guys didn't do that. To Nancy Pelosi quite a few different times when she wasn't trying to help the American people. Nobody in Congress, nobody has been helping the American people. Nobody has been doing nothing to help us. Lower. In the gas prices are nothing. So you guys aint all that good. You guys aint worth a s**, you guys all f***** suck.

  2. 15
    James Jowitt

    As you can see Matt Gaetz is nothing more than called the Matt Gaetz traitors group of Traitors Crimmal will not stop at nothing to betrayed the American people he is the biggest threat and for that I call him the Traitors group of America he should be removed from Congrees Traitors are not allowed in Congrees

  3. 17
    Pete Ashby

    If that was a Democrat saying that all the people making negative comments about this man , would be kissing a Democrats ass if he said this. Convince me you wouldn't. But first make sure you answer honestly.

  4. 18
    Salvador Siordia

    You can tell from the comments people don’t know what this is about . All they see is blue vs red . This isn’t a elementary game of kickball .
    You’re not in a team .

    Also just so you people know . Both names brought up are republicans . So stop saying this is republicans attacking democrats.

  5. 27
    Donna Williams

    Remember life is bommer ang. The saying goes when u dig agrave for someone being evil dig one for ur self. Mrs Pelosi dont worry God got ur back. Pray for your enemies

  6. 31

    Matt gates is the good American and the great Patriot. He needs to go after the rest of the rhinos and get rid of them.

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