Republicans ‘do not want’ another failed vote for speaker, Rep. Sessions says

House speaker candidate Rep. Pete Sessions joins ‘FOX & Friends First’ ahead of Republicans’ secret ballot vote and discusses the Biden administration’s response to Iran. #FoxNews

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  1. 9
    Johnson Hill

    War of throne, republican alternation member for House Speaker post and not unified in every members in the House, problem republican not fully vote, affirm to Speakership post had been obstruction with some program, mission, working, agendas is stagnant prolong, if remain failure one again House would be working not Speakership for next terms (reelection).

  2. 12
    David Franz

    Pete Sessions is a carpetbagger. He felt he was entitled to a seat in Dallas County, lost badly to Allred because he didn't feel the need to campaign, then relocated to Brazos County once Chet Edwards retired.

  3. 13

    Even if they manage to elect a speaker before Christmas, they won’t last till Easter. The margin by which Republicans hold the house it too narrow, the party too factionalised and there are too many attention seeking Prima Donna’s. And more than a few misfits who, quite frankly, bring the party into disgrace. And yes, I’m looking at you George Kitara DeVoldemort Santos or whatever your name is this week

  4. 14

    McCarthy is delusional, let us turn the table. Only 5 republicans need to vote for Jeffries and they will have a new Speaker. They have all the power to select a Speaker but they wouldn't. Spineless Mccarthy is to blame for all this when made promises he couldn't keep to become Speaker.

  5. 16
    Daniel Dylan

    What they don't want and what they're going to get are two different things. As long as the MAGA 8 retain their House seats the GOP wouldn't elect Jesus Christ himself!

  6. 17
    AU 7

    If they elect another RINO the Republican party is done. We are tired of taxation without represention.

  7. 18

    If you think the most important thing about an election is the economy you’ve already succumbed to Marxism~Father Ripperger

  8. 23
    David Stansell

    Fox news doesn't know what Republican voters want..
    Elected representatives do not know what Republican voters want.
    The majority of Republican voters want to be HEARD NOW…..they want Jim Jordan, NOW… think not?
    Try asking us for a change.
    Try LISTENING for a change

  9. 25
    A Desert Voice

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA if they didn't want another failed vote for speaker, they shouldn't have chosen a nominee that NO ONE outside of Congress knows about.

  10. 26
    dekel polak

    When Does Having an Ego Become a Problem?

    The ego is the desire to enjoy at the expense of others, and the problem with it is precisely in that it makes us think and act at the expense of others.

    It blocks us from seeing how we are one with all the people of the world, as well as with the still, vegetative and animate parts of nature.

    Outside of the self-serving perception of reality that our ego gives us, we live in a reality where we are all parts of a single, interconnected and interdependent system. In this system, the ego makes us think and act without considering ourselves as parts of a whole system.

    Problems and crises proliferate in our world when our egoistic approach to life continues growing, coupled with us becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent.

    On the contrary, if we think and act for the benefit of the whole system, where we consider the benefit of others and nature in our every move, then we will enter into balance with nature.

    When we reach balance with nature, we will experience a major upgrade in life: from a life of increasing problems and crises, to a life of harmony and peace.

  11. 28
    Verna Elliott

    What TF does it matter whos speaker ? I mean yes they are third in line, but my God, look whos in 2nd. It could not possibly be any worse than that ,right ? Because that walking empty headed worn out blumbering lizard hasn't a clue .

  12. 30
    Mani USA

    House Republicans should not get paid until they elect a new speaker.I am a Republican and i am thinking of going independent.

  13. 31
    The Dude

    How about a failed ex president with 92 felonies, and three lawyers who flipped for the government! Now there is a Candidate

  14. 34
    Keith Mc

    This is what happens when a political party adopts Machiavellian principles. Newt Gingrich taught them "The ends justifies the means."

    So now they have these self-centered people running the GOP.

  15. 36
    Gerald Beall

    The House needs to take a drastic step: Grow up, be adults for a moment and select a truly independent, apolitical facilitator from outside the house to serve as Speaker. There is too much infighting in both parties to be objective and reasonable within their respective party or willing to work in a multiple-partisan manner to serve the people and not "the party."

  16. 37
    Jim Jaeger

    Hey Republicans, get your sh!t together. Pelosi kept Dems in line when she was in power. You could learn something from her. Lock Trump up!

  17. 39
    Rick Whisman

    Rep. Gaetz (D-Fla) needs to resign. He started all of this mess and needs to be held accountable by the voters. Gaetz RESIGN! Just remember, it's not the politicians who are stupid, it's the people who vote for them. 🤔

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