Anderson Cooper: After years of saying one thing, McCarthy is doing another

CNN’s Anderson Cooper takes a look at Kevin McCarthy’s past comments during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings and how he is now reversing course after announcing he supports an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.
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  1. 4
    M.T. Pockets

    Funny how you and your partners over at msnbc report on things that came out 5 months ago and write it off as no proof of anything and now avoid what’s come out recently. Have you already forgotten about the witness Bobulinski. Remember, the guy that witnessed first hand the Biden’s overseas influence peddling and business dealings with Burisma ? The guy that confirmed Joe Biden is “The Big Guy” and was absolutely involved with Hunter. How about Hunter’s laptop from hell, or is that still Russian disinformation? How about all of Biden’s she’ll companies ? You’re a joke Anderson.

  2. 6

    All the most famous poets say it is the road less traveled that creates the smartest man. Well that pretty much eliminates everyone who chooses big city life. The popular vote is always the big city vote. The smaller would always loose in that kind of government setup. So yes the minority vote should always count just as much as the majority popular big mega city vote. Otherwise we loose the most important parts of humanity in our civilization. We also all go down the drain and become like NYC, LA, SAN FRAN, PARIS, ECT. I don’t want thier life or thier moral to be the only way of life, and that’s what the popular vote is.

  3. 7
    steven obrien

    Reminds me of how after YEARS of CNN lying about President Trump and the so-called Russian connection during elections, they had to admit the lie when the whole fiasco turned out to be a lie spread by Hilary Clinton.

  4. 8
    Maite Maite

    You're wrong. There will be a red wave. People are hurting from everything being expensive. Migrants are destroying liberal cities and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. America will be voting Republican this coming election. Democrats are too complacent and inutile and they will lose.

  5. 11

    It would be wonderful if this were the end of the Republican Party. But I am 62 years old, and have been hearing epitaphs for the GOP for decades. So long as a significant portion of Republican voters support this nonsense — and apparently they do- — this BS will contin ue, sorry to say.

  6. 14
    rand mayfield

    McCarthy's whole life is a flip-flop. How he ever got elected is a mystery to me. He'd have to live in a state loaded with a large population of poorly educated and informed constituents.

  7. 16
    Chazzy B

    So it's OK for Matt Gaetz's very close associates to be convicted of child trafficing, and no further investigtaion of Matt, but a man on whom there is no evidence, sure let's impeach him. Idiots.

  8. 21
    Edward Lemming

    "American democracy" is turning into a contradiction in terms. Half of the American voters actually vote for an anti-democrat who is also a racist, sexist and homophobe (and half of those are the exact people Trump hates).

    The US is on the brink of collapse and if it DOESN'T collapse, it should really re-think and re-organize its education-system as it is, very obviously, failing completely.

  9. 23
    Anna Ponie

    For all his curruption and crimes Biden deserves to be indicted and incarcerated
    Go ahead Mr McCarthy make that currupt old dude to pay for all the wrongful things done to this country

  10. 24

    Where’s the video of mumbling bumbling dementia Joe Biden colluding with fake news activists posing as reporters in Vietnam? Blatant fascist.

  11. 25
    Barracuda Hunter

    Anderson Cooper! What a joke. He use to be slightly credible but Trump derangement has totally destroyed his credibility.
    And we are finally getting to see in real time just how incredibly stupid Democrat ass kissers are.

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