Keri Lake was officially endorsed by the national Republican Party’s Senate campaign arm

Keri Lake was officially endorsed by the national Republican Party’s Senate campaign arm.

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  1. 8

    It would be like if someone was President, and then eight years later their son became President, but in a suspicious way where his brother was the governor of the state where a recount was stopped. You know, the kinds of things that have been going on here forever.

    Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, Adams. That old chestnut.

  2. 13

    I thought this was real news at first, now I realize it's just more propaganda to brainwash the sheeple that voted for the current, corrupt administration so they could ruin America ! The only authoritarian/draconian party is the democratic party ! TRUMP 2024 and someone after him who will carry out his America first agenda ! Democracy is dieing, thank your leadership !

  3. 16

    thats good news!
    it means we the Democrates are on the way to win!
    Trump famouse for picking all ultra violent ,liers and loosers, the mor he pick the better chance our good
    president Joe Biden will winn a second term!

  4. 18

    I don't care about republicans and what they do! What I do care about is its seems like democrats are going to shoot themselves in the foot again this election by playing stupid games like voting none committed in the MI democrat primary, constantly talking about Biden's age, his support for Israel and down playing the best economy in decades! Republicans are in it to win it and they are doing everything they can to get their base motivated whereas the democrats are on a mission to demoralize their base and drive down Biden's approval numbers among his base! The reasons and goals of doing this has gone over my head!

  5. 20

    I'm sorry really the way you guy's twist things come on enough. why are you guy's pushing these thing's. what is wrong with you come on. you know you are going to have to live here right….

  6. 22

    Keri is another snake who is the cheerleader of LIES, MISINFORMATION, DISINFORMATION and CONSPIRACY! she’s another delusional fool!

  7. 26

    Republicans could have gotten rid of him twice and they refused. Now they get to be owned by people like Kari Lake and Matt Gaetz. Republicans tried to make Herschal Walker a Senator.

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