‘Love affair with Vladimir Putin’: Scaramucci reacts to Trump’s striking NATO comments

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci talks to CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Phil Mattingly about former President Donald Trump’s comment encouraging Russia to attack NATO allies if they don’t meet spending guidelines on defense, and how this reflects his understanding of the alliance. #CNN #News

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  1. 6

    If ever a US president was under communist control its him!! What has Putin on Trump? Take it they'll pay his 350million fines to get him in…watch out world

  2. 10

    Allow me: No leader of ANY European nation would EVER ask Trump that question. In my eyes, of course. Dont you have just one single grown-up journalist that could ask Trump which leader he is referring to? That would be very interesting to follow up …

  3. 12

    Scarràmucci's book should be titled, "From Nobody to Has Been in Eleven Short Days." I'm completely unimpressed by his attempts to distract us from the fact that he so desperately tried to become part of the problem, and only noticed Trump epitomized evil AFTER Trump ditched him.

  4. 14

    Trump has the intellectual capacity of a grade schooler. he does not comprehend the full ramifications of these proposed actions. he equates this to sitting in one his board rooms trying to strong arm a real estate deal to his favor. He is a simpleton who should scare any American citizen, but unfortunately, his base is enamored with his "antics" and Trump will choose optics over substance/details every time.

  5. 19

    But Trump neva pays his bill atall .He also dont his Taxes .Why…??????😊😊😊Also doesnt pay his lawyers and contracyors .He is the worst ome 😳😳😳💙💙💙

  6. 26

    trump needs etiquette lessons. i don't know why people would follow or want the biggest loser on earth to run for presidency. let alone try to tell us how we should live….cuz lets face it if he takes up the russian manual on how to run things its gonna suck!

  7. 28

    This is stupid!!!!
    In the last few years, the US has had presidents without BALLS! Mummy Biden did have 2 years to give Ukraine the weapons it needed but was enough Putler to say nuke and Biden did get scared( no balls).
    Now, Trumpeta playing stupid in his way(and I vote for him first time).
    Give Ukraine the weapons they need and not in 24 hours but in 3 months Russia will fall, and become a 3th world country. If not, Russia will grow and China will invade Taiwan because of the US's failure support to Ukraine!!!….. will show to the entire world US is no longer a strong player and China will step up. Don't forget Putler did attack Ukraine only after the weakness we showed when the US retreated from Afghanistan.

  8. 29

    Hi, what Putin has on Trump is blackmail, he probably has some photos or documents that would be devastating to diaper don, don't forget diaper was gooooood friends with Epstein do you comprehend where I'm going 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. 33

    U got to pay your bills! But according to Rudy you sure don’t and some of the contractors you had in your life got screwed too .

  10. 34

    Narcissists like Trump and Putin don't love each other. That's not how they think. Each of them has a little less disdain for each other than they do for everyone else.

  11. 35

    I really dislike Scaramucci …….he enabled and assisted the monster Trump . Any body associated with the Trump rise to power is scum and should now sit back and look at what they have created . !! USA democracy is seriously damaged and it is not over yet !!

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