iPhone 15 Pro goes to USB-C and titanium

We get a first look at the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Is it really worth the pre-order?

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  1. 2

    As usual the Apple zombie sheep will be camped out overnight to buy it. They always let rich people manipulate and control them

  2. 13
    jie li

    Don't have your own illness or neurasthenia, give someone else a prescription! Forcing the people of the whole country to join you in neurasthenia!

  3. 18

    How about Touch ID? They should give us the option to choose between Touch ID and Face ID with these newer models but they won’t do it even though it’s easily feasible for Apple to do so. Still waiting to upgrade ….

  4. 25

    They switched to usb-c finally but its version 2.0 which is old and slow. They also went to e-sim instead of sim card which sucks and battery life is awful👎

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