Sen. Mitch McConnell warns this is a political ‘loser’ for Republicans #shorts

‘I’ve seen a few government shutdowns over the years,’ Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., tells reporters.

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  1. 1
    Ewa Pulawska-Wentland

    very good they can't spend money left and right as they please citizens of this country should have some impact on financial decisions we can't funnel money to war that isn't in our intrest people are dieing its time for both side of conflict to negotiate

  2. 5

    When I first started watching Fox a Gov shutdown was supposed to be the irregular that wasn’t a good indication, so McConnell stepped in there to straighten things out, but then it seemed shutdown’s gradually became mini breaks. I thought to myself this guy isn’t doing what he said he was gonna do; get somebody new in there.! McCarthy is now running the show & it appears we still can’t get out in front or out from underneath it.??

  3. 10
    Daniel Burnside

    These five Republicans always vote with the Democrats and Mitch McConnell is always which with the Democrats there's a bill since McCarthy didn't do a single Bill they've got wrapped up in there more green money we have to hold firm the American people know what we're doing this time this time is different than any other shutdown this Democrat spending in this Democratic screwing up America has got to stop somewhere and it can't start with giving more money cuz why would we want to look like the week party

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