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  1. 5
    Ted Hennings

    Mommy I don’t want go see aunt sissy. ….Why not? …. Is scary mommy, always talks about that dumphy guy….. you mean trump? I wanna go home please mommy

  2. 12
    Sanchez HandyMen

    I was just telling some one that tRUMP made me get to know people around me better, I am going to admit that when family or friend's or even strangers says they support tRUMP I brand them with the scarlet letter of a tRUMPER and I don't trust them. How can I?

  3. 17
    Sue Zbell

    Repetition makes advertising successful and if it weren't, advertising would not be the multi-billion-dollar industry that it is. The greediest/wealthiest who are the owners of the Republican brand are a permanent minority without stroking the (worst) emotions of zealots and gullible "follower class" people. Media domination is one item on the Lawrence Britt list of the "Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism" and creating the echo chamber of "conservative" propaganda stations serves that purpose all too well.

  4. 18
    F L

    There is NO "Long Con." The only people being Conned are Easily-manipulated and Gullible Liberal viewers and readers of the Highly-biased and Totally-dishonest Liberal Mainstream Media.

  5. 19
    William Lynch

    Well, it’s time to bring out the real news. Melania Trump is a spy for Russia. Trumps grandfather was Russian and immigrated. Check his history out.

  6. 21
    Brett Lemoine

    The disconnect of roughly half of this country from reality was achieved by long-standing practices of grooming for that epistemological practice in churches around the country. Faith-based religions, and the social acceptance of them are significantly to blame.

  7. 25
    Mr. Nice

    i'm thinking as much as i'd like to see diaper don go down soon in Georgia it would be cool to see him loose by thousands in the election just to watch him implode….just saying
    the chances of the American people voting him in again are slim to none….the only reason old diaper don is running is to keep his retirement alive so he can pardon himself and join the fatboy and putin as dictators(diaper don wants this more than anything else)…..sick man

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