Garland fires back at Van Drew’s questioning on religious discrimination

While being questioned by Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., on religious discrimination, Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared to grow emotional after Van Drew accused him of supporting discrimination against Catholics.

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Garland fires back at Van Drew’s questioning on religious discrimination

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  1. 1
    Ello Owu

    Republicans are a joke. It's no wonder they rely on ignorance to still stay afloat.

    Luckily, even that isn't enough anymore

  2. 2
    Saoirse Victeoiria

    Catholics as a group — like most groups — aren't extremists. But Catholics, as individuals — like any individual — are capable of being extremists, and using their beliefs to justify that. I don't think you can have an extremist who doesn't have some belief (secular or not) underpinning it. Otherwise, they wouldn't be on "extreme" end of a spectrum.

    And extremists will try to recruit based on that shared belief. Thus, if the underpinning rational is in a religious belief, a political ideology, whatever — they will look for recruits from the same pool. I don't know the FBI memo in question, but if their were to suddenly be extremist knitters (it happened in the French Revolution), with a violent knitting-based ideology or recruitment strategy, I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI started sending agents into to knitting groups to observe and investigate. I think that's within their remit.

  3. 3
    jojo jam

    How low America has sunk : an honorable Attorney General having to subject himself to the jibes and jeers of these fascist apes.

  4. 4

    Who ever voted for this Van Drew guy… You're tax dollars are hard at work accomplishing absolutely nothing!

  5. 5
    Garfield Farkle

    WHEW! Glad to get that out of the way! . . . . . . Van Drew is a dope who has not gotten a single bill passed that makes my life any better.
    Typical Republican legislator in the legislature failing to legislate.

  6. 15
    T S

    These are shameless faces of American republican racist and spineless thugs!
    "We are so damned proud of you, all!" from Putin, Xi and Un

  7. 17
    Kathy Sullivan

    ??? -as a non-practicing ☘️ Irish ☘️ woman raised roman catholic – ??? w/this video. ( as far as religion – I'm w/the late great ❤️CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS ❤️)

  8. 19
    Sam Clemmons

    Being in Congress seems like the worst job in the world. Imagine having to go out there and put on this dog and pony show just to keep the rubes in your district frothing at the mouth.

  9. 20
    Dan Moskel

    Our Department of Justice = America's Terrorist Circa 2023
    Fact Checked. The Biggest Threat to Our Democratic Processes and Our Country's Freedom is the Department of Justice. Jim Comey's Comrades. They're FAKE Police Officers. Communist Thugs. Russian Paid – Larry Nassar Protecting – Frauds. Hillary stole the Democrat Primary from Bernie Sanders in 2016, even Morning Joe & Mika Brzezinski told us … Tulsi Gabbard's NOT a Russian.

  10. 21
    John Doe

    😂 that hurt the dummicrats an the darklord to say. You denievthe unholy one. He won't forget. Which senator unleased the dummicrats swamp mafia enforcers upon the church

  11. 23

    Nothing to see. Garland just tried to COINTELPRO Latin Mass Catholics and because they refuse to yield on abortion and to play pretend on gender.

  12. 24
    David Gregory

    GOP lawmakers criminality expands by illegally using congress to intimidate, coerce, threaten, and bully Americans holding them accountable for their crimes against America. Prosecute, maximum penalty for every conviction.

  13. 25
    Stephen Mosca

    Garland is still too naive about actual evil in his orbit. Even sentencing federal crimes cannot prepare you to battle people who are trying ONLY to destroy the system. Since their backgrounds, sir, should respect this country as much as you do but realize they are trying to destroy the country. Make no mistake-this is beyond politics.

  14. 28
    Richard Christie

    What makes churches above the law that they can't be subject to undercover operations if due cause of possible crime exists?
    Religion is a disease and not an immunity card.

  15. 29
    John Spain

    Conservatives are always trying to shove Christianity down people's throats, then when they're told they can't do that, they start whining about "religious discrimination".

  16. 30

    The profile of the Anti-Catholic has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. The profile is no longer that of the mainstream Protestant i.e. Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist etc… Rather, today's Anti-Catholics are Secular, Left Wing and Postmodern.

  17. 33
    Doug Cooley

    Van Drew was beyond rude! A typical Republican…ask a question and refuse to allow the person to answer because you know he will prove you wrong! Vote Democrat 2024!

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