Zelensky’s reacts to Trump’s claim he could get a ‘fair deal’ with Putin

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacts to former President Donald Trump’s talk of striking a “fair deal” between Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin. #CNN #News

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  1. 1

    Trump is such a great deal-maker than he went to North Korea to cross the DMZ, giving Kim a propaganda photo op and got in return …. oh yeah, nothing.

  2. 4
    raf fer

    CNN please get a native speaker of Ukrainian and not English to translate such important interviews or use subtitles. The speed Zelensky talks in is clearly difficult so maybe letting a translator go over it after recording would be more sensible. You really don't have to do EVERYTHING "live".

  3. 8
    Mr Gonzalez speedy

    He will go down in history books as the idiot that lead his people to annihilation, He will wonder the underworld blind,deaf and dumb and all the dead will know this is Zelensky the fool who got played by the west into the west proxy war against Russia

  4. 10
    R R

    It's a great idea to have Comen sense , or how many acorns have to hit your head… You know i will sit there and say im a jackass

  5. 12
    Woman of Substance

    He is right about Trump: If Trump truly has a way to bring a fair peace, then he should be doing it NOW, rather than just saying he can. Basically, Trump should either poop or get off the pot (my words, not Zelensky's).
    Ukraine needs to be proud of this man. I have great respect for him. Slava Ukraini!

  6. 13
    Boop Boop Globetrotters

    YEAH LETS JUST DO WHAT PUTIN SAYS AND GIVE THEM BACK ALASKA So that they wont threaten to use nukes on New York, Europe and California! SMH what a bunch of morons we got running this damn planet!

  7. 15
    Rebecca Perry-Piper

    Once Zelensky abandons his country to live in one of the mansions he's bought with money made by selling weapons on the Dark Web, Ukrainian special forces will hunt Zelensky down to the last Ukrainian.

  8. 16
    nicklaus bonnekamp

    Calling trump out got something to say? Then SHUT IT BRUH that's what I got out of that lol God bless you and godspeed on taking out those ruskies Mr president

  9. 19
    Edgar Duarte

    It's not only the land we are talking about, the most important is the people. What kind of proposal is?, to give away people to Putin . They are humans. Would Trump be willing to give away part of his family to Putin?; furthermore, would it be me, you or anyone who is reading this, to send our family members to Putin? Or to Hitler?

  10. 20
    Olusoga Ogunjale

    Omg it’s unfortunate this young man is facing this kind of abuse from Russia Putin. God will see Ukrainian thru and Putin will be put to shame. Most Republicans members of congress can’t face 1% of these urgly challenges of war b4 they surrender and run away. Posterity will judge everyone behind this war.

  11. 22

    russia can wipe the us in less than 2 min with hypersonic nukes, so why putin isn't just doing it? because putin is love

  12. 23
    Ram Jet

    I turned this on after a few minutes of putting up with this terrible translator with a poor translation. Its a shit show.

  13. 24
    Ram Jet

    Hello CNN. WTF is going on ? Get rid of that Translator, Get rid of who ever mixed the audio. Its a total disaster. (1) we only need good subtitles with a good translation. This is pathetic, you can't hear the translator, and the translator is "pathetic", its a very strong accent that most people will not follow. I'm used to a Ukrainian accent but this is so heavy, it shows a lack of ability in English.

  14. 27
    Eugene Kaleb

    The only way for America to stop the war without zelensky giving up the donbas is America to join the war and start WW3.. Zelensky knows this does he really expect us to go that far and risk nuclear war? Ukraine can’t win no matter what we send them they aren’t capable with their current military…It’s in Americas best interest to stay out of it and let UK germany and france deal with it.

  15. 29
    Jeff Greenwalt

    "We are out of time." You are OUT OF TIME?!?!?! You could talk with Zelensky for 20 hours straight and it would be the best thing on television during that time. That is such a crazy thing to say. Absurd.

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