Coup bomb explodes as Trump & aides confess anti-democracy plot in bid to duck prison: Melber report

Georgia RICO defendants blame Donald Trump for their actions and claim they were acting within their duties to overturn the election. Former acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal joins MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber on “The Beat” to discuss. (Check out The Beat’s playlist: Connect with Ari Melber:

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Coup bomb explodes as Trump & aides confess anti-democracy plot in bid to duck prison: Melber report

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  1. 6

    The Republicans tried to steal the election 😮 Now they are suffering the consequences 🤗 Vote blue for decency and competence 💙💙

  2. 13
    moondogaudio jones

    How can, we the people, take that line of bullcrap seriously. It’s laughable how the republicans are trying to reshape the constitution, laws, to fit their way of thinking. It’s so ludicrous.

  3. 14
    Peter Parker

    Well, these guys are all lawyers and they surely know that "believing my actions were legal" or "acting on superior order" are no viable defenses. They should have known better and I'm convinced they did know better.

  4. 17
    Lynne VanVorce

    Just incredible the audacity of these men, if you can call them that, or call them what they really are sniveling cowards who tried to overthrow our democracy, and sent others to the Capitol on January 6th. I am fully sick of them trying desperately to get out of any accountability.

  5. 21
    peter whipple

    Clark's job under the direction of Trump was to steal the election and destroy democracy with an Oligarchy which imprisons it's opponents all for one purpose, to continue business as usual with oil and gas energy production, and to block the development of green renewable energy. BECAUSE it will change the economy and the oil/gas barons would lose money and power.

  6. 22

    I love Ari and watch every segment, but I wish the editor stopped calling every video "a bomb exploding" or "coup bomb goes off". It gets old.

  7. 27

    Just another example of why I will NEVER again talk about Meadows without using his entire MAFIA name-Mark ‘The Weasel’ Meadows! From the day of Jan 6, he has tried to WEASEL out of every single attempt to have him testify. Every time he’s been subpoenaed, he has fought tooth and nail to weasel out of it. With Georgia, he’s really trying hard to weasel out of being tried in State court cos he knows there’s no pardon for RICO cases!

  8. 28
    The Mango Mussolini

    I totally agree. "Legitimate political activity" includes rigging elections, placing political opponents in jail, rounding up and murdering journalists, singling out certain groups of people for persecution, and last but not least, following any order given by Dear Leader. Perfectly legit. Just not in this country. Yet, anyway.

  9. 29
    jojo jam

    Americans should get out onto the streets and organise mass protests against Republicans, who are mutating into fascists.

  10. 30

    Lol, this is such utter nonsense by MSNBC like, they're not even operating in the same ballpark as reality, what is this? HAHAHAHAH. These people exist in another world where everything is opposite, they've decided that the opposite of what Trump said is what happened, that Jan 6 was "somehow" an insurrection (impossible to prove) that somehow Trump "ordered" it, he didn't, he told them to go home and used the term "peaceful protest" (not illegal to do btw), that somehow requesting a recount of the votes was "stealing votes". Seriously, who is moving goalposts here? Who is redefining language and warping reality to fit a narrative. Actually hilarious how delusional you have to be to still fall for this.

  11. 32
    Terri B.

    Not to mention the fact that we ALL can commit crimes and get away with it. There should NOT BE 2 AMERICAS. You do the crime, you do the time in federal prison. I have no empathy for Trump, his cronnies in crime and his dumb MAGAS. This is Not part of running our government. Such BS ! Lock them up, no special privileges! If not then every American can also go out and commit crimes with no accountability by the law. No one will care anymore. We will all just do what we want to with no justice. It will be a mutiny.

  12. 33
    Andrew Lewin

    It simply defies all human logic how so called trained lawyers supported and upheld Trump and his insane lies. How were these fools admitted to the Bar? I am flabbergasted by their total stupidity. The truly deserve everything that is coming their way. Everything!!!

  13. 34
    John Wright

    When I am Chief of Staff that only covers when I am doing that job. When I am plotting treason, that's my other job. Good luck with that.😂😅😊

  14. 39
    Moses Tadros

    It strikes me is that DJT managed to corrupt all these ponds (Meadows, Clarke and the rest of the MAGA World) but failed to turn the seamingly weakest of the bunch …(Mike Pence) who single handedly saved the day by resisting the pressure when so many others participated in the campaign to turn the election.
    No one seems to underline that when they make fun of the VP's Christian Faith.

  15. 40
    Peter Angelo

    It seems Trump aides have become Trump himself. Commit crimes, normalize the crime within the MAGA base, play victim, then claim (project) the other party has "weaponized the justice system" against you. By playing victim & pretending J6 wasn't serious, they hope all chargers will be dropped since they did nothing wrong.

  16. 41
    Draghici Claudiu

    1 more ting how about when trump say u giong to have problems with open borders please Google new York imigration problems 😂😂😂😂 trump is most of the time right and the best part is u can Google that the hood is with trump 😎😎😎

  17. 42
    Draghici Claudiu

    How about that man how was not even in the capital but he get sentenced to jail where is the justice ther or the fact that Nancy send the soldiers back home atnd treet them bad u can Google that

  18. 44
    Reality Check

    Wasn't it Trump who made it illegal to demonstrate, protest, or unlawfully enter federal buildings. Either it's legal or illegal, Trump can't decriminalize illegal activity. The devil made me do it, isn't a valid legal argument.

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