These voters gave an unexpected answer when asked to pick Biden or Trump

New Hampshire voters will be key in deciding who wins the Republican nomination for president in 2024. CNN’s John King travels to the state to hear directly from voters as they weigh their options.
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  1. 3
    Uli San

    Low IQ= Republican!
    hmm I’m a fisherman in a place where there’s too many fishermen… I wonder why I’m not doing well.

  2. 4
    Stephaine Julio

    The outside world looks at the American voter and shakes its head in wonder. “Just how ignorant can they be?” The answer is evident in this report. “Unbelievably!” 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  3. 5
    J C

    Why would there be a gov't shutdown over the budget especially now, since billionaire Trump has finally filed his taxes? Not your average working class taxpayer. There should be more money in the coffers, not less!

  4. 10

    Americans need to understand that right now, with how both sides of our political field are going, voting is more picking the lesser of two evils. If we are faced with a Biden /Trump option it's either pick the Neo-nazi, White supremist Authoritarian mafia boss or the Grandpa that's lost in how to drive the country forward. One of those choices will continue down the path of destruction of American freedoms. The other will only stall the American recovery from the economic situation we're are currently in. Not great choices but at least one is less likely to implode the country.

  5. 16

    If we were talking about the oil industry instead of the wind turbine industry there would be no question that oil would come before fishing. Now the fisherman has a point that where the windmills are put it will be difficult to fish there but the ocean is a big place. How much room will a wind farm take and what percentage of the fishing grounds will they take up? I have never heard this sort of criticism about drilling rigs and when oil spills happen they definitely affect the fishing industry. I don’t think we are getting the entire picture.

  6. 17
    Myron Berney

    Actually, the wind turbines will INCREASE THE FISH POPULATION! The small fish live around these installations and the big fish come around to eat them. When did any GOP help out workers?

  7. 18
    Julia Helland

    I am working class too, I know the Republican Party has NEVER been for the working class! Trickle down economics…BIG tax break for the highest earners, corporate welfare, and on and on. The middle class supports the lowest wage earners, so corporations don't have to pay a living wage, or health insurance premiums. Joe Rogan? Really? He is a joke! Get factual information not opinions! Come on put your common sense on! Trump has never been smart! 💯

  8. 20
    Pale Horse

    Omg… enough already. The only reason the working class are suffering more now than in decades is because of GOP pro-corporate anti-worker, anti-humanity platform, if they have one at all. If people had a clue what was going on in the rest of the world, if they knew their own bubble was not the entire world, maybe people would vote for people who represent the MAJORITY and help move us all into a better future. That sure as sh*t isn’t going to happen with a Republican led government.

  9. 23
    The Crusty Ledge

    Unfortunate NOT REAL FACT. . . "Republicans are for the working man". . . well, the facts are. . . they ARE NOT. . how do I know. Because Republicans are walking hand in hand with Big Corporate MONEY. . . they don't care about blue-collar workers aka. the working man. Also, neither are Democrats . No one care about the working man, just figure out how to manipulate them to vote in their direction. The working man is just a pawn and has little value to either group.

  10. 26
    t thompson

    No one says you should blindly follow corporations and government. Nobody says that, nobody believes that, and who the hell would do that anyway? I hope that guy digs a little deeper than some obvious platitude about a non-issue uttered by a member of the most political of America's political families. I don't think people should trust that food they find on the street is safe. Where's my vote?

  11. 30
    Dennie Guppy

    Out of all these people who are talking about voting for Trump. I don't understand how they can vote for him when he sitting in federal prison by the time that electric comes around. Because the only reason why he would keep those documents is so you can hand him over to his buddy Putin, Kim jong-eun and other ones. I think I got a 91 felony charges one of them out of stick!

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