Border communities strained as crossings near record highs

Ana Cabrera is joined by NBC’s Guad Venegas, live from Eagle Pass, Texas, on the response to the growing number of crossings.

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Border communities strained as crossings near record highs

#immigration #BorderCrisis #MigrantCrisis

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  1. 1
    F L

    American Citizens Nation-wide are ANGRY with the Biden Authoritarian Regime and Democrats for allowing this Illegal Alien CRISIS to fester and continue. Our Nation's Sovereignty is being trampled on by Illegal Aliens who are Subverting the immigration process because Democrat political Hacks are allowing them to do so.

    This Total OUTRAGE is even ANGERING Sanctuary State and City officials as they struggle to accommodate the influx of Illegal Aliens sent to their areas.

    This MADNESS Will Come to an End immediately upon President Trump's takeover of the Presidency in 2024. Enough is enough! 😡😡😡😡😡

  2. 4
    dewayne walker

    Tired of Dems acting like a deer in the headlights regarding the border. No one was standing over Biden with a gun when he signed the documents opening the border and welcoming one and all. The Dems act like this somehow just happen and they are innocent victims. This has backfired and they only have themselves to blame. If they say Congress is a fault remember the Dems had the White House and both houses of Congress for two years and did nothing on the issue. Political liars!!!

  3. 6

    Texas border getting huge amounts of illegals recently because they know Trump will probably be President by the polls and know their time is limited.

  4. 11
    Beyond Human

    But MSNBC boasted for months about how border crossings were down since title 42 end, guess they couldn't keep up their lie anymore.💨🤡

  5. 13

    Why hasn't the Biden admin been tried for treason exactly? At the very least, impeached for dereliction of duty.

  6. 19
    Alfred Degiorgio

    The Democratic Party’s election strategy is all wrong. It bases its claim for re-election on the benefits of Bidenomics. The 2024 election is a do-or-die battle between our imperfect democracy and a white-power dictatorship. Democrats’ strategy must focus solely on the terrible conditions in all dictatorships, e.g. N. Korea, Iran, Russia,etc.!

  7. 20
    Patrick Joos

    every republican has run on fixing this. they can't put forth a single piece of legislation, not when they have the white house, the house, the senate, the scotus or all of them at once -like they did in 2016-2018. don't want to fix it because without it, they won't have any legitimate grievances to run on.

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