Video shows water gushing through port as 8 months worth of rain falls on Libya

At least 2,000 people are feared dead in Libya after heavy rainfall triggered catastrophic flooding that collapsed two dams and swept away entire neighborhoods. CNN’s Eleni Giokos is following the story from Dubai.

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    Similar incident going to happen in kerala india. A 125year old dam called mullaperiyar dam is in danger. Can collapse at any time.. Which can cause lose of 1.3cr life of people… Authorities are not taking any action… Pls bring this issues into national attention

  2. 6
    Prefer Anonymous

    This is the aftermath of the chemtrails that the government uses. This is all part of the chemtrails manipulate the weather, so that it can flood the whole world.

  3. 8
    Jukamada - we are Sanusi!

    It's not natural disaster that caused the dam to break, it is corruption. You build a dam in the first place to control water as the name suggest, if the water is up to a level, it will send an alert to dislodge water as a safety mechanism. In today's world, the dam can never be broken unless if there is serious negligence or act of treachery.

  4. 15
    Michael Godwin

    Thousands of less terrorist what a shame haaahaaaaaa haaaaaagodless heathens godless heathens that’s what ya get that I don’t care if regardless or not, that’s what you get terrorist

  5. 16

    "to get to higher ground" the lady hasn't seen the video : the region is as flat as a dry lake in Utah .

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