Bear webcam saves hiker

A hiker caught in extreme weather conditions at Katmai National Park, Alaska, was rescued after he was spotted asking for help on a webcam used to livestream wildlife, according to

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  1. 19
    clyde hinman

    You know it amazes me how people can get lost. I keep thinking are they that unaware of the environment or even glanced at a map of where they are going? Or do they put their faith in a cell phone and Google answers. Google makes temporary geniuses out of complete bumbling idiots.

  2. 24
    Tristan Barnes

    Got lucky, not everyone makes it out of being stranded like that, its good to have everything you need to survive, i used to but i stored it in my kayak and the other night some human waste loaded it up with another one of my kayaks and stole it😒 now i gotta dish out $2200 to get replace everything and set up smh, i wouldnt mind see the fellas that stole em on the bear cam… Being eaten lol

  3. 36
    George Spalding

    Apparently this man was not prepared for the change of weather that can happen in the middle of summer. This happens a lot up in the High Sierras when people start the hike in warm weather and end up in an afternoon thunderstorm at 12,000 feet.

  4. 37

    I'm not specifically talking about this guy, but I know alot of ignorant people go to Alaska with out any awareness and do not understand the potential for bullsheet to come out of nowhere. Whether is weather or a bear or a pack of wolves, losing your way to under estimating ones abilities.

  5. 41

    For some reason I thought someone was streaming and a bear was going to attack them but the ppl watching the stream saved them 😅

  6. 44

    Yikes, I was just there 3 days ago. It was about 40* Fahrenheit with intermittent rain. If he hadn't been rescued, it's hard to say for sure he would have survived the night.

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