Hedge fund billionaire issues dire warning over economic downturn

Omega Family Office chairman and CEO Leon Cooperman provides insight on the state of the economy on ‘The Claman Countdown.’

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  1. 1
    Bobby mainz

    In every crisis, there is an opportunity," as the saying goes. The 2024 recession, while challenging, presents unique avenues to amass wealth. First, it's essential to remember Warren Buffet's advice: "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful." During recessions, assets often undervalue. By investing wisely in stocks, real estate, or businesses during this downturn, you position yourself for significant returns during the economic recovery.

  2. 3
    Brian Whitehawker

    We are currently in the jaws of the worst bear markets I have seen, the average stock has been cut in half, and the only way to make money this year has been to either short or to trade long in very short time frames. I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my dipping $117k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  3. 4
    James B

    The economic trends are good for average Americans. The U.S. economy grew at a torrid 4.9 percent annualized rate in the third quarter of this year, by far the highest cumulative, inflation-adjusted growth in the Group of 7. The prime age employment rate is near record highs and inflation is down to 3.7 percent.

  4. 5
    CJ Jackson

    Hope yall not listening to this fool, this how they stay rich/ wealthy. Say bs on national tv to scare off the masses to sell, then buy up everything. We hear the same ole song every couple of years. Stocks will forever keep going up over time. Better buy now while everything low, we will never see these prices again.

  5. 7
    Shelly lofgren

    We're in Uncharted Financial Territory! Every day, we face obstacles that have become the new norm. Although it was initially viewed as a crisis, we now recognize it as the new normal and must adapt accordingly. Given the country's present economic troubles in 2023, how can we increase our revenues during this period of adjustment? I cannot let my $700K savings disappear after putting in so much effort to build them.

  6. 8
    Philip Dunk

    Our economy struggling with uncertainties, housing issues, foreclosures, global fluctuations, and pandemic aftermath, causing instability. Rising inflation, sluggish growth, and trade disruptions need urgent attention from all sectors to restore stability and stimulate growth.

  7. 9
    William Yejun

    With rates climbing like never before in ’23 coupled with uncontrollable inflation, and our own mortgage at now 7.5% what are the best alternatives/strategies for avoiding a crunch and maximize my $600k savings other than moving in to an RV with my two kids and wife.

  8. 14
    Cameron Fussner

    Since Biden took office, there seem to have been more unfavorable results in America. I think we are too obsessed about the economy crashing. In the right sense, the economy never crashes. It just undergoes cycles, and almost always recovers. So I really don't care what the predictions are. I just want to grow my portfolio. I read that people are pulling in massive profits despite the downturn. Any tips on how they do it?

  9. 16
    Frances Ryan

    The market cycle actually has not met its balance, we continue onward round and round and round in circles while hanging tight for that tremendous victory on a colossal >support yet meanwhile we could constantly disregard the market promising and less promising times and remain completely contributed.
    Enormous thanks to Shanita Creswell for assisting me with acquiring over 25btc in about a month and a half by carrying out her technique and following her guide…..

  10. 21

    Leon would like a selloff so he can buy more. He's not looking out for the little guy. He and his buddies scare the dumb money into selling to them.

  11. 22
    Ajay Rajesh

    My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in US.

  12. 24
    Aaron E

    11/2/2023 ; the economy is still strong; job growth is good debt being addresses we are helping not hurting; those fighting Poontang! And yet in youtube comment sects. I see a lot of whineing
    by the cimmie-red; cap wearers! Speaks volumes!!

  13. 25
    AV Group Ltd

    funny how this generation somehow thinks the youth prices on education are normal but pretzels are the problem. We have been trying to explain that education is way too expensive in real terms for quite some time now. But back to the pretzels for a nickel LOL

  14. 27
    Louis Brus

    I appreciate how inclusive your content is for all investors. No matter the age. the financial situation, or the financial knowledge. everyone can find a piece of information that will help them or provide food for thought. Good job

  15. 28

    How can I grow my portfolio to outpace inflation and maintain a successful long-term strategy? I have been reading of investors making about $250k profit within a month during downturns, and I need ideas on how to achieve similar profits.

  16. 29
    Samara Wayne

    This administration is putting so many families into difficult situations, I pray for our country. low income people are suffering to survive! I appreciate Vanessa Marzell Imagine investing $1000 and receiving $6200 in a few days

  17. 32
    M S

    Rates are not going way higher lol. Housing prices are going down and so are rates. This guy lives a billion dollar lifestyle and he gets mad at buying an $8 hot dog, but he’s saying the average person can afford a higher interest rate.

  18. 34

    Hey, have you guys seen the market lately? My stock portfolio has taken quite a hit, My tech stocks have been plummeting. And also my energy sector investments have also been suffering. I have lost almost $120K in my stock portfolio. it's been a rough ride.

  19. 36

    Ok but we need to know his positions. How short is he? Of course he issued a dire warning if he’s short

  20. 39

    This dinosaur gonna bring up Trump the biggest scammer of all, you morons are cheering for the largest corporate Socialism grift in history. Boot licking is a mental disorder.

  21. 40

    Did this scammer call out the fed? The corporate socialists aren’t too keen on calling out the fed. Dinosaurs don’t matter.

  22. 45
    Mesut Serim

    Several of the biggest market experts have been voicing their opinions on exactly how awful they think the next downturn would be, and how far equities may have to go, as recession draws closer and inflation continues well above the Fed's 2% objective. I'm trying to build a portfolio of at least $850k by the time I'm 60, therefore I need suggestions on what investments to make.

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