Having failed with segregation, and with abortion backfiring, GOP in search of new wedge issue

Alex Wagner looks at how banning abortion became a central issue for the Republican Party after the civil rights movement made their focus on segregation a losing strategy. And now that their abortion bans are backfiring politically, the party is once again in search of an animating wedge issue. 

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  1. 1

    They tried to pivot to anti trans rights and that has already backfired faster than abortion did. They have nothing left

  2. 2
    Daniel Adam Horton

    It’s the dog chasing the car… what happens when you get it…. Folks found out and didn’t realize till that point how bad it was to bite metal let go and now whining home about how much it hurt to bite a car….

  3. 4

    The Republicans will only fail if American Voters keep coming out in Record Numbers to vote against. So, only time will tell what American Voters will do in the end. Because face it, the American Voters are the ones who create our government. Be it local or federal.

  4. 5
    Darrel Kenn th

    Hilarious, Biden’s army draft idea and now the I’m a strong woman and independent but can’t serve in military , equality and inclusion, Your in the Army now 😂😂 draft the leftist socialist students for wars of Biden’s

  5. 7

    That's all they got, it's all they can offer there voters is scare tactics, scare them about segregation, the border, the vaccine, Muslims etc etc

  6. 10
    Nate Nate

    I would not believe anything trump or Republicans say about roe versus wade now before the 2024 elections, all these women know exactly where they stand,trust me they will try and say different,,Vote Blue 💙

  7. 13
    James Campbell

    How about the ability to own a home and feed our families? Oh, and not being totally dependent on the idiots in Washington to tell us what to do and how to raise our children.

  8. 16
    Rodney Downey

    Here's the swift-boat campaign that will defeat Trump in 2024: Create an independent PAC to sponsor a poster campaign featuring the name TRUMP at the top; below that, the famous mug shot; and at the bottom, the slogan "Make Abortion CRIMINAL Again." The design goes on posters, billboards, t-shirts, flags, TV, etc. The name of the PAC is MACA. On its face, it looks like a pro-life campaign supporting Trump, but subliminally (or not so subliminally), it broadcasts the weakest feature of the GOP's position while hanging the abortion albatross around Trump's neck. More subliminally, it identifies Trump as a criminal.

  9. 19
    John King

    50 years ago? And these fools dig up something already settled and make up lies about it to anger the American people, Again! These people are incapable of governing this country, we must move forward not into the past but the future, come November 2024 vote these fools out of office and out of government for good. Vote Biden Again and continue the American experiment not the trump experience. 🇺🇲🔵

  10. 20

    Segregation? The DEMOCRAT party was the parrty of slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow! Southern Democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act!

  11. 23
    Kate Lopez

    There's nothing GOP can do to restore itself, other than denouncing Horrific Extremism, which has led to terrorism. There's an uprise within government agencies, they are the leaders of the rebellion.

  12. 25
    2021 Phone

    …I wonder if those fighting on the "pro-choice" side of the argument understand the two core tenets of the abortion lobby, racism and misogyny!

    Planned Parenthood is targeted into neighbourhoods with the sole intention of genocide in black communities. Margaret Sanger, founder and proud member of the KKK is on record publicly stating this goal as her legacy. Don't believe me, look it up!!!

    Collusion between government and corporate interests fuelled the rise in popularity for abortion rights. For government, it was an untapped tax resource as half the population contributed to the betterment of society without taxation. The corporations however had more sinister motives. Where they had industrial interests that were dependent on traditional female occupations, they funded abortions for women purely to keep the production lines moving. As the female workforce increased, so did the need for industrial scale abortion access. Again, don't believe me, look it up!!!

    Both the government and the corporations employed the best propagandists of their era to weaponize women's minds against their unborn children for the sole purpose of production quotas and tax collection. However, it gets worse, modern abortion rights theology is fundamental to the protection of what is now estimated to be a $100bn industry for baby parts sold for pharmaceuticals, beauty treatments, food production and life extension technologies. Rich men literally pay a fortune for the cells of babies so their decrepit old bodies survive another year. The evil market for children is not just trafficking. All of this is public record, you just have to open your eyes!!!

    We are trying to win hearts and minds, we are trying to save those beautiful hearts and minds from the heartless braindead killers who would rather rip them to pieces with a suction pump than let those beautiful hearts and minds into this world!!!

    Do you understand how far ones mind has fallen to believe that ripping a baby from its mother's womb piece by piece is anything but abhorrently evil, do you know how far ones mind has fallen to believe that a woman's choice outweighs that of a helpless child fighting to come into this beautiful world.

    This is a battle for hearts and minds, it's difficult to see that those who are "pro-choice" have either hearts or minds worth saving at this point, but those innocent unborn children are absolutely worth saving!!!

  13. 29
    Clarke Burgess

    It's a real shame, a travesty as a matter of fact, for Americans, that Republican's only workable playbook for power, entails ripping the country apart with, performative and manufactured outrage, along with petty culture war efforts…..with, absolutely no desire to actually work for and substantially uplift, even their own constituents, much less, the rest of America!

  14. 30

    Oh yes Trump is in love with himself
    Blow those horns. Everyone look at me. My wonderful self. Good luck with that. How's that working out for you.

  15. 34
    Don Quarnstrom

    this is why they will NEVER fix immigration(its CONgress that makes that policy, NOT the president, btw), they lose one of the biggest motivators of fear for the cult if they do that.

  16. 35
    Dave Zhang

    I'd be curious to know which wedge issue they pick up.

    Because as this week's elections showed, abortion isnt it. Neither is going after the trans community.

  17. 37
    Rod Marker

    Why are these people so concerned about deciding what women can and can't do ? They don't seem to care what happens to the child, it can die in poverty .

  18. 46

    Uh, they already found a new flavor of outrage– TRANS PEOPLE. You can't have a dictatorship without a scapegoat, so they're going after the most vulnerable demographic we have now.

  19. 48

    Of course, the "party of ideas" has to find issues to campaign on. They don't represent people with real-life issues, only the people who hate other people with real life issues.

  20. 49
    Desert Rascal

    They're not done yet, but they are already sneaking back under their rocks. They'll pop back out as soon as everyone is distracted by Taylor Swift and forgets what fascism is again.

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