What will happen to the Murdoch empire?

Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as chair of Fox and News Corp. What happens to his empire now?

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  1. 4
    Corey G.

    Steve Schmidt says that Murdoch son is not Rupert Murdoch. He owns a big mansion in Hollywood and he prefers to hang out with all the stars. I hope we get back to just simple decadence and greed.

  2. 6
    Nicole Richardson

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  3. 10
    Carolyn Wilson

    OMG, does that mean Tucker Carlson could or might come back to Fox with Luclan in charge. I hope they are sue out of existence as so as possible.

  4. 13

    He's giving his son the reins to ruin America now. I guess he feels like he's done as much damage as he can in his 92 years of being a POS.

  5. 14
    K A Layne

    Here in Australia, Rupert is probably our most hated expat. We had high hopes for son Lachlan but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We just hope Rupert doesn't retire to Australia, to breathe the same air as Rupert would be anathema.

  6. 16
    Green Man

    Don't believe it. Rupert is not stepping down. He's even still staying on the board. He has just changed his title in reaction to the 2 court cases that landed the day before. He'll still tell Lachlan what to do on a daily basis.
    Rupert still has international power. Lachlan, meh. Not really. He only has that job because of Daddy…just like the Trumps.
    Rupert is no more stepping down from NewsCorp than Trump stopped running his collection of grifts while he was ruining the US.

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