Watch Garland’s response to GOP accusations

Attorney General Merrick Garland pushes back on Republican accusations of political bias during a house oversight hearing following an indictment against President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. #CNN #News

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    Eric L

    What's crazy is that the majority of current Republican lawmakers are completely unaware of any of this stuff,and those that are aware of it are entirely content to pretend that they do not, which is just as despicable. Related to that, everyone who was paying attention was fully aware that Trump's Attorney General was simply acting as his personal counsel instead of doing his actual job, and Republicans seemed to be universally in favor of that as well (and that is one of those first steps toward establishing fascism, but that's another topic for another day). Republicans have repeatedly made it perfectly clear that they do not understand what the Justice Department is, or what its job is, or how it is an integral part of our democracy. What a shame that any of this even needs to be explained to them.

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    Yong Lee

    Thumps up to you Merrick Garland for clearly outlining what you and the Justice Department's role in America stands for.Thousands of Ireland's poor and disenfranchised found safety, better prospects and freedom in America when they were forced to leave the land of their birth. Best wishes to you and your team for upholding American 🇺🇸 democracy. Love from Ireland 🇮🇪 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  3. 7

    Meanwhile…Illegal immigrant from Peru charged with murder in Texas, entered US months ago.

    Roberto Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria illegally came to Texas in May.

    An illegal immigrant from Peru has been charged with murder after being arrested by police in Texas,
    Blood on Dem hands

  4. 11
    Celeron Celeron

    I think Merrick Garland doesn't understand the full gravity of the situation. Many of the republicans WANT to destroy the constitution. They WANT slavery. They WANT SUPREMACY over others. We see how eviL is rearing its' ugly head all over the world. The ultimate goal of eviL is the destruction of all men. Global warming/boiling, COVID, Russia, hunger in Africa ( at least some of which can be blamed on Russia ), China, North Korea, and on and on and ….

    In this day and age when we thought all these things were all but solved. God and Jesus have have eviL on the run with their tails between their legs, so if they are real, how can all these things be happening? God helps those who help themselves. We need to be strong and united. We need to control our own emotions so NO ONE can push our buttons and make us do those things we think we would never do.

    Something is very wrong in this world, so to the AG I say be STRONG. Control your emotions. Don't let anyone push your buttons. Step back, take one deep breath and be fine. And then, very very carefully, fight fight fight.

    Oh, and look into those anti America, anti DOJ, anti Biden republicans. I sense a dangerous conspiracy there.

  5. 13
    Chris Verburg

    Looking from New Zealand at the sad state the USA is in, I’m encouraged that men like Garland exist and can speak clearly about what the role of the justice department is. Take note Americans and safe your democracy next year. Don’t let corruption win.

  6. 19
    Getting Stuff Done Right

    I cannot help but feel a sense of history watching this very great man doing this extraordinary work to help save our country. We are so fortunate to have him at a time when our nation is so in need of healing and defending. The House far-right has pledged allegiance to the absolute destruction of the rule of law. They will not succeed, not with this guy manning the front lines. God bless you sir, God bless our troubled republic.🙏

  7. 20
    J B-I-M

    Marrick Garland pours out his heart with sincerity and honesty and Republicans could care less. They are only interested in saving the one man who is trying to destroy our democracy. They WILL fail!

  8. 21
    S H

    Good Heavens, What a powerful speech. I'm watching from Australia, desperately hoping that the USA can save its democracy. No one could doubt Merrick Garland's integrity having heard this.

  9. 25
    Guillermo Verduzco

    The crime is the crime and hir o China doesn't care about you are simply person secretary senator o president the law rigemen the people follow the law is right 😂

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