Kyra Sedgwick on taking climate action: ‘You can’t just do this halfway’

Katy Tur spoke to actress, director, Kyra Sedgwick, who marched with thousands of protestors taking climate action this weekend, about combatting the climate crisis.

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  1. 1

    2024 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is being black balled by corporate media and the DNC! Find her! Listen to her! Help her catch fire for our future and the planet's future! Yes, she is a progressive democrat! Needed badly in these times of crisis and chaos! Check MARIANNE WILLIAMSON out immediately! The DNC says no debates and no primary! HOW IS THAT – DEMOCRATIC?????! FIND MARIANNE WILLIAMSON! SHE IS FRANKLIN DELENO ROOSEVELT ON STEROIDS! VOTE BLUE UP AND DOWN THE BALLOT! 💙 🇺🇲 ⚖ 😡 🌎 ‼️✌ 💙

  2. 4
    Sue C.

    Maybe Kyra should watch "Hoods N Hollers", and try to remember that the minimum wage in this country is $7.50 an hour.🙄

  3. 6
    T H

    4 countries emit nearly 60% of all GHG emissions China US India and Russia. The other 191 countries make up the other 40%. Doesn't matter what any other country does if US and China don't reduce emissions. Ideally all 4. You could combine south korea, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, and Mexico and they still would equal the emission of India which isn't even a Quarter of what china produces, and half of the US.
    I love how they talk about major emitters leader not being there and they take France and UK. Those countries combined equal Indonesia at 21st and 17th.
    United Kingdom all smushed together would have a land mass of Half of California. With nearly 68 million people.
    Tiny country with everyone living on top of each other. You can ride a bicycle to the next town because they're all basically on top of each other.

  4. 10
    killer bunnyz

    I think it would be great if Ms. Sedgwick could explain how her owning three separate residences in Los Angeles, New York City and Connecticut contributes to climate stability.

  5. 11
    Mr. George

    If you want no fossil fuels then get rid of your cell phone, don’t use medical equipment, get rid of your house and your electrical devices

  6. 13

    It’s not the farmers that should be targeted either. I see that going on all the time.
    The oil industry is not going anywhere either.
    Earth’s surface and the oceans are absorbing more heat and cooling off slower.
    Should have slowed down decades ago. 🔥

  7. 16

    Lets face it, these right winger want everyone dead either with a gun, with poisoned environment or climate catastrophy…

  8. 17
    Nospam Allowed

    If you (any nation) are serious about handling climate change for real instead of just as a speaking point, I have questions:

    – Have you switched the electric grid to all renewable?
    – Have you made electricity cheap?
    – What decent EVs under $20k are?
    – Have you implemented thorough coverage of charging stations?
    – Have you endured that electric $/mile is cheaper than gasoline? This is usually no..
    – What steps have you taken to prevent states new solar/wind taxes intended to replace gasoline/oil/coal tax income?
    – What have you done to ensure that solar panels on homes do not result in higher insurance premiums or worse, being dropped by your insurance?

    If the answer is not positive to all of these… then you have to accept that people will stick to gasoline/oil/gas.

    The perfect example of major failure is the USA, where it is simply not justify able from a financial perspective to go green.

  9. 18
    T. R. Campbell

    You can’t just do this at all. Reputable scientist can prove that climate and weather, which are two different things are products of solar and geological events. I got a kick out of President Biden’s address to the UN when he talked about climate change. He should’ve directed his comments to India, and China, who are the worlds worst climate polluters.
    We can find great joy in the fact that crop productions are increasing because of the slight uptick in CO2. These crop productions were reported last week on our progressive medias. CO2 is plant food, and as CO2 continues to follow natural Climate Change, which is cyclical we will have a greater crop production in years to come.

  10. 20

    There are to many people on the planet.
    There were to many people on the planet 60 years ago.
    Number of people on the planet..
    2023……….7.3 Billion
    2035……….9 Billion
    2050………10 Billion

    Number of cars on the planet….
    2023…1.4 Billion cars……
    2035…2.0 Billion cars….

    Of these 2 Billion cars only 150 million of these cars will be electric cars. ..80% of electric cars being built today won't be on the road come 2035.
    80% of all ICE cars being built today will still be on the road come 2035…
    Most people cannot afford electric cars and in 5 years there will be a shortage of ICE cars. Especially small and mid size cars.

    Number of cows on the planet….
    2023…..1.2.. Billion
    2035…..2.0 .
    The melting permafrost is melting the permafrost.
    Have a nice day!…😃🌻..Build thousands of water bombers now…✈✈✈🌧🌧🌧

  11. 22
    Lawrence Harris

    Oil, natural gas and coal provides 84% of all the world's energy.That's down just 2% points from 20 years ago.Oil still powers nearly 97% of all global transportation.Two decades and 5 trillion of government investing in green energy has barely moved the needle. To get the same amount of energy from solar and wind, we will have to increase mining 1000% to get the same amount of energy as from fossil fuels. Copper, iron, nickle, lithium, etc, these metals has to be turned into motors, turbine blades, solar panels, batteries and etc. takes lots of energy and require more mining. Green energy technologies are more material intensive than our current mix.

  12. 23
    Tanner Michels

    Actually that's incorrect. The burning and use of fossil fuels is not that high of a percentage when it comes to climate change. Animal agriculture is the number one cause of climate change and emissions into the atmosphere such as methane which is a lot more harmful than carbon emissions. If you truly want to be an environmentalist then you should be vegan

  13. 24
    Mr. M

    The climate cult must be stopped. How are more taxes going to stop the weather? They've been doing this crap for decades.

  14. 25
    Dixon Yaarmouf

    Hello 👋🏽 I from Burkina Faso🇧🇫, is MSNBC liberal propaganda station in America? Or actual unbiased news? There are things on here we do not see

  15. 28
    Travis Cornell

    Stick to acting, Toots. You do that sorta well. Marxist Propaganda ? Not so much.
    To be fair, denying actual reality is not an easy sell to rational people.

  16. 33
    John Doe

    Solar panelsvwill not runvthe country, don't work nights rain clouds r snow. Go to battery power, to charge batteries, requires. Just as much burning of fossil fuels to charge the battery. Plus the add use of fossil fuel to make solar cells. R people completely stupider what. Gotta be a bunch of 8th graders on here. Should be a age limit r I.Q. requirement. Let go nuclear power carbon free an will run a country. No,no,no,no. We wanna put China work making solar cells for America an politians got big money in solar cells China stock.

  17. 35
    laura Beth

    According to former World Bank Environmental Director, Robert GOodland, ANIMAL AGRICULTURE is at least 87% of GHG emissions and NEVER discussed by media! WHY? Everyone wants their "steak and eat it" . Yes, fossil fuels are impactful, like running a car in the garage which IS the parable of a finite atmosphere being saturated with carbon monoxide AND carbon dioxide from ONE BILLION combustion engines. We can stop eating animals today, immediately, and switch to a much more healthful, non-violent, resource protecting plant based lifetyle! She NEVER even mentioned the worst polluter of all, animal agriculture! Really shocking.

  18. 36
    Coy Solar

    Please keep in mind the bigger things we can do that Kyra fails to mention!
    #1 is to reduce consumption! Live in a small house! Use a bicycle! Stop using cleaning chemicals! Stop buying so many things! How about being vegan or reducing meat consumption? Do NOT buy a luxury Tesla which consumes the equivalent of more than 3 compact ICE cars before you drive it! A Tesla EV takes from 10-20 yrs to just break even in total resource usages compared to a compact ICE car. It is not clear if cobalt or copper well ever be "environmental to mine" as these Lithium batteries become popular! Get a small compact EV or ebike if you really demand to drive so much! The best way to audit/measure ones environmental impact is look at how many dollars you spend on ANYTHING! LIVE MINIMAL FOR A MINIMAL EFFECT ON THE PLANET!

  19. 38
    Queenie the Genie

    Something needs to be done about those of us who have gas cars – paid for – who cannot afford to buy a Tesla or some other electric vehicle. Why does nobody talk about this?
    I have been a climate activist for 20 plus years but I am a artist and a new electric vehicle is out of my price range. I grow an organic garden and lots of other environmental activities. Does this woman who I’m sure makes at least 100 times as much as I do – probably more. My husband and cannot afford to go out and buy a new car!

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