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  1. 1
    Danny Kelly

    The Republican clown, James Comer’s $200,000 loan to his brother MUST be investigated as thoroughly as Hunter Biden was. Please copy and paste this as often as possible.

  2. 3

    If the Reps take as much care for born (and growing up) babies as the took for unbone ones, the have a fair chance to win in 2028! That means that they turn their stones in their beasts into hearts…

  3. 5
    David Angel

    The Christian Nationalist want to be like the Billionaire donor class — pay no taxes and tell everyone how to live — just REVOKE their 501C3 STATUS – make them pay taxes and you will see how quickly they STOP THIS NONSENSE. 😂

  4. 8
    Earnes L Greene

    Why are so many refusing to hold Donald Trump accountable and responsible for the deaths of 5 or more capital hill police officers and one of his female supporters.trump and his cabal invited the insurrectionists to DC and stoked the violence thru there speeches and promised these insurrectionist he would lead them in stopping the electoral count.

  5. 18
    Jim River

    Cruz said it, he thinks voters are too stupid to know what the overturning Roe v wade means. That is what he thinks of all voters too stupid to know what they want and Republican politicians need to decide for them. Probably a term for that.

  6. 19
    Frances Batycki

    People are coming out to vote for abortion rights because they are really voting to keep women’s rights. Not letting women make their own choices is a step onto that slippery slope to taking more rights away, and people have seen the con.

  7. 20
    Garth Sky Walker

    Playing phootzie with evil 😈 instead of gardening correctly caused all this – if hillary’s minions hadn’t put the kibosh on the bi-partisan leader – Bernie’s in his 2nd term and we’re building viable fish-ladders, replanting forests, teaching the world what works in an enlightened society and environment.

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