Voters crush Kavanaugh-Trump tears in Ohio rout: Ari Melber x James Carville

Democrats are celebrating a series of key victories in 2023 elections, with abortion rights proving to be a top issue heading into 2024. Democratic Strategist James Carville and Washington Monthly contributor Margaret Carlson join MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss. (Check out The Beat’s playlist: Connect with Ari Melber:

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  1. 1

    When the popular vote takes a backseat to the Electoral College results is it not time to 86 the EC? When SCOTUS overrules the will of the people would this not be the picture of an autocratic court? What other rights are they going to take away while the cruise around on the dollar of their puppet masters?

  2. 13

    So if Kavanaugh and other judges made that statement under oath, how are they not able to be held legally accountable? The answer is because the system as a whole is the issue.

  3. 14

    Abortion on demand was created by Margaret Sanger a very demonic evil racist.

    If anyone in this thread would do a little research on her and Eugenics you will see this entire push for abortion was initially to wipe out entire races. They're doing a great job. This is all a orchestrated by the elites, can people who don't really care at all about you.

  4. 17

    You republicans are losing because you are liars. You talk out of both sides of your mouth like the serpent who was a liar from the beginning and abode not in the truth.

  5. 19

    What does it say about women who rest their freedom over their bodies based on having the right to have an abortion…….how ignorant these women are….how they demoralize themselves, what lack of confidence they have, how inferior they are with this mind set… low they all sink instead of stepping up they drop down……how very very very very sad these women all are…..I bet they are sure glad their mother had a different mind set giving them the opportunity and freedom to live so they could jump up and down cheering for just the opposite of giving life…..they can say they won their freedom because they have the right to destroy life…..kinda sick

  6. 20

    I doubt political success on the state level will translate to political success at the federal level. Abortion rights are now delegated to the states. Whoever is President, they can't change abortion law. Governors and state legislatures can.

  7. 22

    Perhaps your average American can be trusted to do the right thing after all. The jury is still out, but to a non-American that's very encouraging.

  8. 23

    I was a lawyer for forty years. I realized the system was dirty one year in. Now it’s fifty years later and nothing has changed.

  9. 25

    I believe, in the future annals if American political history, the record will show that the super-conservative overturn of Roe v. Wade was a Pyrrhic Victory of epic proportions lol

  10. 26

    Anyone who thinks any form of incriminating evidence against Trump will result in his certain loss are dumber than Trump! This isn't a political base the Democrats are facing at the elections, it's absolutely a cult, they won't care. All the elections over the last 5 years where the Democrats and progressive initiatives over performand have absolutely no bearing on a Trump Presidential election, stop being so obtuse!

  11. 29

    Supreme court justices are hating this.. I've heard they've gone full insanity, ditched their robes and are running around assaulting toddlers and old people in the streets and screaming "we are the the chosen ones"

  12. 31

    I haven’t voted for a rethuglican since the hanging chads. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for people to realize that these criminals must be stopped and shut down forever and all time to come

  13. 32

    Basic Maths. About half of voters are women, nearly every woman has a Brother, father, husband or son. Nearly every man loves the woman that brought him into this world, his sister, daughter, daughter in law. The ones that don't fall in these categories are pro-life republicans. Pro life hateful GOP v Pro love everyone else.

  14. 37

    Republicans have their wagons hitched to Donald Trump, and a lot of highly unpopular positions, so I predict that 2024 is going to be like 2008, 16-years ago.

  15. 38

    History shows that if you don't follow what the people want, then next election you will not win. In fact they (the people) will vote blue to prove their point.

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