Video shows moment escaped Pennsylvania killer is captured

See the first images as escaped inmate Danelo Cavalcante is taken back into police custody. Cavalcante, a convicted murderer, escaped from prison on August 31, prompting a massive manhunt.

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  1. 5

    Here we go again…
    Sept 17th, 2023 Nine juveniles escaped from Abraxas Academy, a juvenile detention center, on Sunday night, the Berks County District Attorney said. The escape happened just after 8 p.m. at the facility located at 1000 Academy in Morgantown, according to the DA's office. 
    A riot happened just before the escape, Pennsylvania State Police said.  

    Jul 7, 2023 — The 16-year-old boy faces multiple aggravated assault charges for his role in the riot at Abraxas Academy in New Morgan

    July 2016-Two teenagers are facing attempted homicide charges for allegedly attacking a staff member at an eastern Pennsylvania youth detention center.

    Abraxas Academy, located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania is a multi-service facility which offers SECURE Residential Treatment and Secure Detention Services. Our SECURE residential treatment program provides specialized care for delinquent male youth between the ages of 14 to 18 in 9th grade or above. Treatment at the Academy is for youth who demonstrate a consistent display of delinquent patterns through multiple placements, serious charges, and problematic behaviors. Youth are admitted to the Academy for either HABITUAL OFFENDING BEHAVIORS or for a HISTORY of SEXUAL OFFENDING BEHAVIOR.

  2. 8

    We got some STUP*D people talk about how it's unprofessional to take a photo of a man that is a MURDERER! So let me get this right you got some people that are BUTT HURT over a photo pose? But do not say a damn thing about the man that is a cold blooded murderer? Yeah, make that make sense!

  3. 9
    R A

    A single squad from an infantry scout/recon platoon with tranquilizer darts would have rounded this up without a fuss… Probably even mess with the fugitive by silently reappropriating his things over a couple of days before bringing him in— and enjoy it

  4. 11
    mark shean

    What the media leaves out is that this murderer was wanted in Brazil for murder before Biden’s open border policy allowed him here and he murdered a woman in front of her children with a knife. He is a Biden illegal alien. That’s a fact. The media is truly the enemy of the people with their lies by omission!

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    Aanchal Sharma

    0:18: ✅ Fugitive Danilo Cavalcante was finally apprehended after two weeks on the run, surprising law enforcement who expected a quicker capture.

    2:13: 🔍 After a 14-day manhunt, the escaped inmate Danelo Cavalcante has been captured.

    4:31: 🔍 Live footage of the capture of escaped fugitive Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted murderer who has been on the run for over two weeks.

    7:09: ✅ Law enforcement professionals successfully took the armed suspect into custody without incident.

    9:03: 🔫 Intense gun battle ends with suspect apprehended by U.S. Marshals and State Police.

    Recap by Tammy AI

  6. 14
    Miss Demeanor OG

    Why are our borders open fir criminals to enter the US, kill people, hold communities of citizens hostage in fear, and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars?

  7. 21
    Goh Boon

    HOLLYWOOD DRAMA at its best. This would not have happened if the prison learned its lesson well about the previous ESCAPE.

  8. 24
    Jay Pace

    Everybody wants to commend law enforcement. And for good reason. They worked hard. They deserve recognition. But what about DC? This dude had no real planning, no resources and no help. And they knew the general area he was in , yet, he eluded 100's of LE & the finest technology on planet earth, for two weeks. He will be a rockstar in the joint. How he pulled all of this off is absolutely remarkable.

  9. 26
    Charjoe White

    He wearing a milatary are law inforcment clothing not like uniform there cadet clothing he jusad usa look bad they coudnt catch one guy for how long how will they keep us safe if it was actuall soldiers killers. Thatt were trrianed cnn is messed up

  10. 29
    Charjoe White

    99 wtf man yall google white excaped prisner from.a secure jail on transfer from a max prison white had lawinforcment ar ammo taticlal. Shot gun clock 40 caliber an was right in the last 5 yeare white yess it wasnt they had a had no intetion to get away any one shoots at u tou will shot back now what about

  11. 32
    ivane elizabeth

    Este cidadão não representa a maioria dos brasileiros que é em grande maioria um povo trabalhador honesto e alegre os policiais estão de parabéns que continue nos USA porque se vir para o Brasil logo a justiça corrupta daqui solta infelizmente a justiça brasileira não funciona e defende criminosos Deus salve o Brasil Deus salve a américa.😇

  12. 34
    Jhow Jhow

    Congratulations to the police for the excellent work! This guy needs to rot in prison, minus one pest on the loose.

  13. 35

    What's weird to me about this is that dogs should've been used immediately. There is no way a convict can outrun trained dogs. Watch Mark Rober's video titled, "How to Escape a Police Sniffing Dog." It's impossible. Two weeks is way too long. There's something nefarious going on here. Is this incident going to be used for a federal infrastructure grab? This isn't about finding an escaped felon. This is about money.

  14. 36
    Uncle Elmer

    He's blowing a lot of smoke and law enforcement knows this guy was wandering around Chester County for days and days and days and would never have gone to Canada. He can't speak English well, has no money, no clothes aside from what is on his back, shaved, pooped in the woods and got bitten by a dog–this is not someone who knew what they were doing. Thankfully, he hurt no one and that is huge but he is no master criminal. In fact he appears clueless.

  15. 38

    So they are upset a murderer had his picture taken after being caught. So don't celebrate getting dangerous criminals off the Streets…. worried about a murderer that didn't respect his victims being disrespected.

    Officials and cry babies need to shut up.

  16. 39
    White hat hackers

    Now with the current communist and left-wing LULA government, criminals have carte blanche to commit crimes in Brazil and throughout the world, God protect us.

  17. 44
    Moon Zombie


  18. 45

    So don’t complain when you see a drone overhead. They won’t hurt you. Drone pilots are required to have an FAA certificate. The killer is back in jail now, thanks in part to a skilled pilot.

  19. 46
    Samuel de Souza

    As a Brazilian, I think that Danilo Cavalcante in this escape was inspired by our current president: a criminal who leaves prison and becomes president of the country 😂

  20. 47
    Tibore Goldberger

    A big message to the American public of the most incompetent police departments in America the most incompetent police departments in the major city run by morons message to the American people brothers and sisters keep buying those Guns mr. Joe Biden Brazilian love child support your children 🤑💰🤮🤑💰🤮🤑 0:18

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