A collective anger is building against Biden: Hogan Gidley

Panelists Hogan Gidley and Deroy Murdock react to polls showing former President Donald Trump is leading in swing states on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. 3
    Robert zimerman

    Bait and switch exactly money cant buy common sense .we recognize a fraud when we see one.and to make matters worse his dementia and rambling of topic is frightening and shows great weakness as a leader.😢

  2. 7

    Any ill feeling against Biden will never get close the anger and disgust that most Americans feel toward Donald Trump.

  3. 10
    Dollar Bill

    Oh boy, that means my complex will be raising my rent 40% again in 2024 to make up their losses like they did to me during the last severe year of covid. This one will displace me a disabled 70 year old. They've taken the home out of living with just a place to stay. It's not homeless anymore. They changed it to un-housed.

  4. 13
    Barry Watts

    You have to possess a heart before you can be a good hearted person. Joe Biden has no conscience or heart. He is merely a greedy, career politician, trying to get a hold of as much money as he possibly can for himself and his crackhead son.

  5. 17
    Bill Watson

    My anger is past boiling over! I want to see some people in Gitmo Bay or prison. If not, it may be time to enter the agreement from the Declaration of Independence- new government from square one.

  6. 18
    rick mcmhan

    American citizens are not stupid at least I think however democrat voters who still support Biden might be and I'm a registered Independent but you do get what you vote for and Trump might be a jerk but his policies were great

  7. 20
    daniel schroeder

    America is finally seeing that the Democrats just want power and are traitors who fill there pockets with foreign money…..sick and evil.
    God bless president trump America's champion 💪

  8. 21
    none none

    2024 will absolutely be a bloody year. this country has never been more divided along political lines. not even during the war between democrats and republicans (commonly called the civil war) has there been this much anger between the voters.

    and in the end, i expect it will mean nothing. cause we'll just be killing each other while the "elite" remain safe and comfortable. the purge was a warning.

  9. 23
    M G

    People should hate Joe Biden. He is a corrupt, lying, coward. He has been lying to the American people on so many issues.

  10. 26
    Mickey Poore

    He is not a man who cares about Americans his heart is about foreign countries and were he can fill his families wallet not ours and when a president cares more about queers and foreign people we the people suffer and hey people we are open your eyes

  11. 28
    Curtis Turner

    Welcome to fascism under Joe Biden. Joe Biden and Barak Obama are banking on election fraud to win on election day 2024. There is more corruption than you can shake a stick at!

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