Union workers strike against Big Three automakers

The United Auto Workers union is on strike against General Motors, Ford and Stellantis, the first time in its history that it has struck all three of the nation’s unionized automakers at the same time.
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    Darrell Pouncil

    When I first heard the guy who is running the strike, which is the white guy Nastase I thought he was on some personal type vendetta . Key words when there was only a third fourth day. He said he wasn’t trying to come to agreement. He was just trying to get together with his fellow people and make them suffer

  2. 3

    I think Union should just start their own business and pay great wage to your own union workers. Issues will be all solved.

  3. 5
    umo abasute

    As strikes continue across the country, it's clear that workers are demanding fair compensation for their hard work. The idea of stock contribution has been brought up as a potential solution. If a company's stock performance is doing well, shouldn't the workers share in the wealth by owning a piece of the stock? It's time for companies to prioritize their workers' pay and consider innovative ways to ensure that their employees are fairly compensated for their contributions to the company's success.

  4. 7
    Mishelle Quade

    Vehicles and gas are too expensive anyways. Only those allowed to be middleclass can afford it and pretty soon only the rich will be able to. So if the middleclas wont change to help low income and homeless have a better life, what makes you think the rich care? As a former middleclass, low income and homeless person, economy only cares for its own sustainability and makes work on those whom are not allowed. The employeed dont like the competion and school is the filter to see whom will join them in success.

  5. 8
    entertainment only

    I f**** hate unions if I owned any one of these car companies I would ban the unions from my company and if they wouldn't let me I would move my company to another country where I could work children old people and women to death under horrific conditions for my financial gain😂😅😊

  6. 10
    Billy Bob

    Gm had licensed plumbers, electricians, and firefighters that sat in a room waiting for a toilet to clog or a lightbulb to go out. Sucking up huge profits 🤣

  7. 11
    Billy Bob

    For 20 years guys would show up at gm and sleep 4 hours in the break room, or have someone punch them in and go golfing. Unions are a joke. Went from gangsters to teamsters. Real talk

  8. 15
    umo abasute

    '"Workers should demand Stock contribution. After all it’s the workers that are busting their butts to keep these Companies Stocks surging so As a benefit or raise y’all should get Stock Contribution or being allowed to own a piece of the share of the stock."'''''

    Workers are the backbone of any company, and it's their hard work that keeps the stocks surging. It's only fair to demand a stock contribution as a benefit or raise. Workers should be allowed to own a piece of the share of the stock since they are the ones who are busting their butts every day. #Facts

  9. 16
    Goat Rock Hunters

    The core issue here is the 3 big American automakers can’t compete against Chinese EV makers. Everyone wants to push for EVs. But it takes far less humans to make an EV that a traditional car. Many of these people will be unemployed within the year. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to become a worker at one of these companies!!!

  10. 18
    GM B

    The workers deserve at least cost of living increases. With Bidenflation … a 40% increase is reasonable

  11. 30

    If autoworkers don't like the job, and don't like the pay then go find another job. Happens all the time in the workplace.
    America does not need more expenses and more expensive cars.

  12. 32

    Most people would have to show incredible results to ask for a raise . These people don’t even have to show up and get paid . Typical liberals something for nothing .

  13. 34

    Most of you'll dont know that when you are a union member you are working under a bargained contract. Meaning you will not progress with said company based on your hard work and merit. Another union member whom has poor work ethic and does minimal work but has seniority over you will move up in pay. For anyboy thinking about joining a union job must know that your hard work will go unoticed and you will not progress unless you have seniority with the company.

  14. 36
    Phil B.

    These CEOs are greedy!! The automobile industry has made record profits over the last 10 years! CEO pay has increased 40% over the last 10 years! What about the workers?? Why can't their pay go up 40%?? Why do CEOS make 300x what the average worker makes?? Why??

  15. 40
    John Huston

    The leftists in government are to thank for the inflation. Thank the leftist media for overhyping the danger of Covid. It all adds up to people coughing up cash to the government that nobody has to spare. The government takes the money and pisses it away. We can’t afford shit anymore. I told my leftist family not to vote the fear mongering leftists in but no they pushed this hardship on us!

  16. 42
    Anthony Romano

    This has nothing to do with the hardworking Americans in this current situation, I applaud them for their time and commitment to their jobs and this country's betterment in the automotive industry. But I'm actually surprised that American automotive industry is still solvent with the fact of salary given to useless CEOs and consequent inderlings, and the obvious fact that anything other than an American truck is an abysmal equal to a foreign, specifically Asian cars of any type or brand name. Think about it, it's amazing.

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