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Trump: I think Fed Chair Powell is political

Former President Trump sits down with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo to discuss how a Biden presidency would impact unions and Fed Chairman Jay Powell’s handling […]

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‘MIGHTY, MIGHTY UNION’: UAW starts strikes against Detroit automakers #shorts

President of the United Auto Workers Shawn Fain told CNN the deal they were offered was ‘complete B.S.’ Subscribe to Fox Business! Watch more […]

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Biden not acting as the ‘pro-union president’: Charles Payne

‘Making Money’ host Charles Payne unpacks the political and economic implications of the United Auto Workers union strike. #foxbusiness Subscribe to Fox Business! Watch more […]

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Charles Payne: This will be a ‘huge headache’ for Biden

‘Making Money’ host Charles Payne discusses inflation’s impact on oil and gas prices and reacts to the UAW union strike on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness […]

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Anywhere Dems can get an indictment, they go for it: John Carney

WOR Radio Show host Mark Simone and Breitbart economics and finance editor John Carney discuss former President Trump’s interview with MSNBC and day four of […]


Bernie Sanders: Autoworkers fighting overall ‘corporate greed’, not just for themselves

Senator Bernie Sanders joins CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss the United Auto Workers’ strikes and what that could mean to the future of the American […]