Biden not acting as the ‘pro-union president’: Charles Payne

‘Making Money’ host Charles Payne unpacks the political and economic implications of the United Auto Workers union strike. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1

    Here come the controled opposition! The propaganda isnt stopping the union movement so now theyre trying give credit to controlled opposition puppets in an effort to infiltrate it and derail it. Like the actors and their fake-strike. We knew there'd be infiltrators, and heres one.

  2. 2

    I know someone that works in San Antonio Texas for $18 per hour at a Toyota plant. I don’t understand the $150 per hour.

  3. 5
    David Watts

    We need to get the EPA out of the way of our manufacturing industries. We will be back to 1880 if China stops sending us things we need

  4. 6
    David Watts

    If I were a CEO I would tell them all in every plant not to come to work tomorrow. And asked if anyone wants to buy a Chinese/Mexican auto assembly plant.

  5. 11
    joseph leo

    when yall use the word cheaper .. you should also tell everyone that it is cheaper because they use less quality material so that the products do not last long so you have to spend more money to buy it again WE NEED QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

  6. 12
    Jeff I

    This is all so hilarious the UAW doesn’t care if their employees walks off the job and you’re high if you believe the big three auto companies are going to meet the demands of their workers and the UAW please. America better wake up soon. Because by winter we’re going to see the American people suffering unlike anytime in our nation’s history. Your not going to be able to pay the cost to buy food if you’ll be able to find it or afford it. Expect our property taxes to go through the roof causing millions of Americans to lose their homes. Then there’s the cost to heat our homes this coming winter. I’m an old man and I never thought I’d hear myself saying these words but I’ve lived long enough to know that this isn’t the same nation I was born and raised in. Get ready because all of us is about to suffer and like Americans back in the day we’ll need to be there for each other and help each other. It’s absolutely criminal what’s being allowed to happen in the once greatest nation God ever created !

  7. 13
    Bobcat 843

    The unions and the big three support the Democrats so I think it's a very good thing that they're going on strike so they could take as much money out of the corporations and the Union's pockets so they can't give it to the Democrats who are destroying our country

  8. 14
    Bobcat 843

    I had a pathological lying friend just like Joe Biden and I learned to always believe the opposite of what pathological liars stay because they're going to do the opposite

  9. 16
    LING Lee


  10. 25
    Trappist 1D

    Stillwater Police, just because I picked my nose with my index finger and it resembles a "finger gun" like when you were kids playing "cops and robbers" doesn't mean that it's a suicide crisis.
    I'll tell you what, I'll practice picking my nose with my elbow and keep you posted on my progress, how does that sound….?
    Guys, can't you just give me some space to live my life peacefully without the stalking and monitoring my apartment and psychologically pushing me around all of the time….?
    You guys are unbelievable.
    Dan the persecuted man..

  11. 27
    Mary Annette

    We need less billionaires at the expense of the middle class and any class. They need to share that wealth with the middle class. I support Unions. Share that Wealth with the rest of the Workers.

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