‘MIGHTY, MIGHTY UNION’: UAW starts strikes against Detroit automakers #shorts

President of the United Auto Workers Shawn Fain told CNN the deal they were offered was ‘complete B.S.’

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  1. 6
    Don Reahm

    No more american-made cars for me. Guaranteed job guaranteed paycheck for a job that's not even going to be there due to the electric car fantasy. Talk to your president and you'll be talkin to the hand.

  2. 7
    Lisa Gardner

    It’s called Mexico. It’s the site of no unions and cheap labor. No the brightest time to call a strike on cars that can be made elsewhere.

  3. 10
    Bruce Deleskey

    The Biden administration said thay will bust the unions because the democrat politicians and Joe now the unions are not voting democrat so Joe Biden will clean house before he's out in 2024 Joe WI shut down the auto makers it was pland when Obama gave a one time bailout remember this was all planned back when Obama was in office

  4. 15
    Darryl McCormick

    Yellow Freight was shuttered recently ruining over 30,000 drivers lives. The union kept pushing for wage increases until the company just collapsed. Taxpayer's bailed these car companies before and GM still owes billions!! Not cool at a time that trucks are $80k plus with repos and lost jobs…..imports are gonna run AGAIN!!

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