Trump asks judge to recuse herself

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team is asking Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself from the 2020 election subversion case against him brought by special counsel Jack Smith. Trump’s lawyers pointed out comments from Chutkan made in other cases involving January 6 US Capitol rioters as grounds for her recusal. #cnn #news

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    Simon Benn

    That shouldn't be the case… your stuck with who the judge is. I don't think they would like me to much if i said i need another judge. This is why if he doesn't do 30 years prison time. Im completely done with law enforcement and the law of Government because then i know its 💯 % lie to the American people. Im waiting to see whatcthe governments needs to do. I know people doing years for tax evasion… ill be so pist if they dont throw that in the sentenceing

  2. 16

    “Why isnt Mr.Biden on Trial also ; ? Because he isnt in his right mind,thats why!” And if that is true ,then why is he in the seat of the President of the United States of AMERICA “ he sold us out to China,I can almost promise you all that Joe Biden isnt doing most of the talking,there is a face behind the puppet ,someone who said it outload for millions to hear,that if he had a way to serve a third term he would even if it meant to use ear& head phones to relate to the person elected what he wants to be said and done not those very words but close to it and it is being done already! Right mr.Obama? He is serving his 3 rd term! Listen to his speach at correspondence Dinner,noone can watch this and see the strait laced face!

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