Trump faces prison risk, but this accusation could topple his RICO case

In an unexpected move, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified in a hearing over her alleged misconduct in the Georgia RICO case against former President Donald Trump. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by former SDNY prosecutor Maya Wiley and Manny Arora, lawyer to to Kenneth Chesebro during his Georgia RICO trial. (Bookmark The Beat’s YouTube playlist, updated daily: Connect with Ari on YouTube: IG: Merch:
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  1. 2

    See here's what cracked me up. Manny Aurora, you just broadcasted you know NOTHING about BLACK GREEK LIFE man!! SIT DOWN!! Black greeks participate in greek life LONG, LONG, LONG after college. It is NOTHING for a Phrat brother in his 80's to interact with a young Phrat brother in his 20's because they are members of the same greek organization. You're basing your knowledge of greek life on what white people do! Even Maya twerked her face when dude made that sideways comment about Terrance Bradley referring to Wade as his Phrat brother. They're both KAPPAs!! Refrain from commenting on subject matter you know NOTHING about!!!

  2. 13

    When asked where she got the cash to repay Wade, Fani said from change while shopping at the grocery store and leftover money from her campaign. Georgia laws say she can't use leftover campaign money for personal use. Leftover money can be used for a future campaign, given to a political party, donated to charity or to repay a loan taken to run her campaign, but the money cannot be used for personal use. In her fit of rage, she inadvertently incriminated herself. It's one of the reasons why lawyers don't want their clients taking the witness stand. Now she'll probably facing a campaign finance charge.

  3. 14

    Trump and his chumps are all about assassination, character first, but then… Putin is such a good teacher!

    And I don't like giving racists big microphones to spew BS.

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