Sen. Booker: Child poverty in the U.S. is a policy decision

Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, joins Morning Joe to discuss the possibility of a government shutdown and fighting child poverty.

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Sen. Booker: Child poverty in the U.S. is a policy decision

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  1. 1

    Will transferring more wealth and power FROM the people to the Washington D.C. Oligarchy “fight child poverty”?

  2. 2
    Debbie Jones

    The democrats have lost look at the representative from Pennsylvania. looks like Uncle faster. Ashamed the people of Pennsylvania, maybe he should wear an A prison uniform, he'd look Better than what he does, hes a A slob everybody in pennsylvania dresses this way no respect And booker is just as bad

  3. 8

    Maybe child poverty would be lower if the US did something about it! Instead of giving BILLIONS to Ukraine and illegal immigrants crossing the border!

  4. 9
    Jodie Zaffke

    Fiscal responsibility to the Maga is wasting our money on committees that are frivolous and a joke. They don't care about responsibility or they would not shut our government down because it will cost more to do that. Maga just wants to flex their power to make themselves feel good. It is about control and being bullies. They are not doing their job yet again they need to be voted out. They don't care about Americans just themselves.

  5. 10
    Gary Hurd

    My wife was a 30 year elementary school teacher.

    We spent about $4,000 a year out of pocket on "school supplies." These were books, art supplies, even paper and pencils.

    But a good amount was on food.

    Hungry children are not good students. They are hungry.
    They are distracted, and distracting other students.
    They are poor.
    They are hungry.

  6. 11
    E'ernando Harris

    How is it we have poverty, people having to make ends meet, etc. (yet US insist assist/bring other foreignors to the states for low pay " they'll do what others won't; yet the indians /blacks literally worked for nothing for years still) still here in America & these so called senators say they're working hard"for the American people" are funding some third world country's as Ukraine???? This is clear you all are acting as foreign agents you all should be registering as one oh wait the IRS is foreign too🤔 for filing taxes as foreign agents. We the people demand AG Garland being you're for We the American people I do believe my rights have been restricted/treaded upon by the US govt which r n't speaking for me or my children best interests nor on our behalf of; nor entered in any foreign relationship without my consent nor have I nor have we agreed to any cohesive agreements with any US defacto Corps, & if so plz produce all the receipts now immediately??? AG Notice hereby given We the people demand a forensic audit investigating the entire U.S. Senators & it's systems associated We by virtue.

  7. 13
    Leonard Archuleta

    Everything the Democrats have done through policy has made us poorer. Radical climate agenda has hurt every American as energy cost rise so does everything else. That is the core issue

  8. 15
    mike fobear

    Re: child poverty…The child Tax Credit Bill was enacted in 1997 with bipartisan support. Biden passed the American rescue plan in 2021 without any GOP votes. No GOP politicians would vote for its continuation. FOX news is blaming Biden?

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